Redskins RB Matt Jones exits game with a shoulder sprain

The Redskins say RB Matt Jones suffered AC sprain. He'd gone into the locker room with shoulder pain, then has X-rays.

Related players: Chris Thompson, Rob Kelley, Keith Marshall.

Fantasy Impact: 

Jones returned to the bench, which is probably a good sign. Our injury expert, Russell Manalastas, says this: "Depends on severity, but reports of him in a sling is just precautionary. Minor sprain 1-2 weeks, more significant 2-4 weeks. The Sports Injury Clinic: "A grade 1, 2 or 3 injury is usually treated conservatively without surgery. Grade 4,5 and 6 injuries and grade 3 sprains which do not respond to treatment usually require surgery." For now, we'll assume that he's going to miss 1-2 games to start the season. Chris Thompson is the 3rd-down/change of pace back. Rob Kelley came in as the primary back once Jones left the game.

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