Pats Fred Taylor in line for 10-15 carries?

"Old Pops" made his way to the sideline after another New England Patriots training camp practice Wednesday and fittingly said his time was short. He had a chiropractor to see.

This is how it often works for 34-year-old Fred Taylor, who grinds out yards and then puts his body into the shop for maintenance.

Taylor had just finished his 22nd straight practice of training camp when he reported that his previously injured right ankle, which sidelined him for 10 games last season, has not been an issue.

"It hasn't flared up on me," Taylor said. "You get soreness just like anything else in two-a-days because of the consecutive pounding, but it's not anything different than a regular body part."

Quietly, Taylor has been one of the surprise stories of training camp.

Fantasy Impact: 

It's looking more and more like Lawrence Maroney isn't going to be a factor - at least to start the season. Given Taylor is 34, it's a safe bet he's going to get banged up at some point in the season, so don't be surprised if Maroney is back in the picture at some point. The decision you have to make is who is worth the draft pick here... Both are probably a very late round selections at best, but the situation is starting to seem like one to stay away from.

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