Outpouring causes Favre to reconsider

Last week, Brett Favre informed several Vikings he was hanging up his cleats. His mind may have said otherwise, but his body was telling him it was time.

But like so many other times in Favre's career, his actions veered from his intentions.

After spending a few days in Minnesota, the events of the latest chapter in Favre's long-running soap opera now appear much clearer. Here is the story, from the inside.

Favre indeed sent text messages to teammates telling them he was forgoing his 20th season, citing his health as the reason. According to sources, while the texts seemed pretty convincing that he had made up his mind, the team wasn't letting their gunslinger slip off into the sunset without a fight.

In a two-pronged attack, the Vikings organization immediately jumped into action, offering him a much more lucrative package for this season and pleading with him to reconsider his decision. Simultaneously, veteran players immediately implored teammates to bombard Favre with texts or calls, asking him to give them one last shot at the Super Bowl.

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