'No guarantee' Eagles QB Carson Wentz will be ready by Week 1

Carson Wentz confirmed on Friday what we suspected on the day of his injury — that he has an LCL tear in addition to the previously reported ACL tear.

What does this mean for the Eagles quarterback’s recovery?

Most likely, Wentz had a primary repair where the lateral collateral ligament was sewn back together (which speeds recovery) versus needing a graft. That type of repair is more common in LCL tears, as opposed to the ACL, which almost always requires reconstruction with a graft.

At this point, it is still reasonable to hope Wentz can be ready by Week 1. If that happens, he will almost certainly be limited to being a pocket quarterback.

However, there is no guarantee Wentz will even be ready to take the field by then.

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Fantasy Impact: 

Wentz was the No. 2 fantasy quarterback through Week 14, and he missed the final three games after tearing his ACL and LCL. His draft stock will be depressed until it becomes clear that he'll be ready to play Week 1, and even then he is unlikely to be much of a running threat as his knee won't be 100 percent healed. Wentz won't look like his old self until the second half of the season (or perhaps the 2019 season). Look for the Eagles to hold onto Nick Foles as insurance since he's still under contract for another year.

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