Mariucci on Favre: Everyone needs to calm down

It’s eerie to realize how much difference a year doesn’t make in the world of Favre Watch. Even so, there’s still no better source on Brett Favre around the NFL than our own Steve Mariucci.

Mariucci has been texting back-and-forth with Favre on Tuesday, and delivered this message: “Everyone needs to calm down a little bit.”

According to Mariucci, Favre told him he’s simply trying to get healthy and has no timetable from the Vikings to report to training camp. Not only that, the Vikings would prefer if Favre waited until he was fully healed and then show up to Eden Prairie, similar to what he did last year.

“Right now his ankle is improving,” Mariucci told NFL Network. “It’s not where it needs to be yet. Obviously that probably can affect your conditioning level, if he can’t run as he could last year, with just the shoulder injury. So really, he hasn’t retired officially yet. He’s trying to see where his ankle goes, still.

“He hasn’t told anybody officially, ‘I’m done.’ He’s been hopeful to see if he can be healthy, but he’s not quite healthy yet. There’s no press conference, there’s no announcement, there’s nothing imminent. He just simply has another week or so to see if his ankle does continue to improve, and then see if he can do it again.”

Mariucci indicated Favre is “trying like crazy” to get his ankle healthy, even working out in his yard on Tuesday.

There’s the latest on Favre Watch 2010, as straight from the source as you’re going to get.

Fantasy Impact: 

Favre dropped in our projections today, but only to QB16, not completely off the map. While the outlook of Favre playing, or playing a full 16 games looks worse today than it did yesterday, we certainly aren't feeling confident one way or the other in Favre's status. At this point we would still rather draft Favre over Tarvaris Jackson, but both come with substantial risk as do the Vikings WRs.

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