Jimmy Clausen vows to become Panthers' starting QB

Charles Chandler of the Charlotte Observer reports new Carolina Panthers quarterback Jimmy Clausen is the anti-Jake Delhomme because he enters the NFL as a highly-touted player instead of an undrafted free agent. No one is known to have accused the ever-humble Delhomme of being arrogant. Of course, people close to Clausen say the "too cocky" label he's been given is based on misperceptions. But where Clausen and Delhomme are extremely similar is the passion with which they play football. They're both fist-pumpers, exclaimers, men whose emotions are unleashed on the field.

Despite his freefall in the draft, Clausen believes he was not drafted by the Panthers to be a backup. "My mentality is to prepare like I'm the starter and just go out there each and every day and have that mindset.", proclaims Clausen.

"I think that's how you have to play," said Clausen. "It's an emotional game. Guys are trying to rip your head off every time you have the ball in your hand, so you can't be passive. You've got to attack, just like they're attacking you.

Clausen says he'll do everything possible to become the starter this year despite the perception that Matt Moore is entrenched as the No.1 QB.

Fantasy Impact: 

You have to like his swagger! However, before we anoint him the next greatest thing since "sliced bread, butter side up," let's see how he performs in training camp!

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