Colts will not feature one RB in 2018

Colts running backs coach Tom Rathman suggested that Indianapolis will rotate running backs frequently in 2018.

“We’re going to play a lot of running backs,” running backs coach Tom Rathman says. “You’re not going to have a bell cow, so to speak, a guy that’s going to carry the load. We’ve got a lot of different styles and I think anytime you have a lot of different styles, you want to try to utilize that. So you run one of the players with a certain style and then you change it up the next series and it keeps the defense on their toes. So that’s what we would anticipate doing.”

Fantasy Impact: 

This fits with head coach Frank Reich's history as a coordinator the last four years with both the Eagles and Chargers, and takes some of the shine off of Marlon Mack's eighth-round ADP. Receiver-turned-running back Nyheim Hines appears to be a much better value in round 12. With Andrew Luck back in the fold, you can expect the back who can pass block the best to receive the most playing time.

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