Chicago RB Matt Forte Gets His Burst Back

Bears running back Matt Forte was one of the most disappointing players in fantasy football last year. After a great rookie season in 2008, he was picked high in many drafts and was a bust.

But in reality, Forte's disappointing season wasn't surprising when you consider that he was dealing with a torn hamstring. He suffered the injury last May, and it was still bothering him when the season began.

"Being hurt going into the season was hard because I didn't get to train like I wanted to," Forte said. "You are focused on healing instead of training. You don't get to run as much as you want to or lift as much as you want to. You're worried about not hurting it again."

Then Forte suffered a sprained ACL in the third game of the season against Seattle. It was one of those injuries that didn't receive a lot of publicity, but it hampered him throughout 2009 as it was on the same leg where he tore his hamstring. But the hamstring is good to go, and after surgery, so is the knee.

"I know I have more burst," Forte said. "I look different on tape. I was missing burst last year, and a second gear. It really wasn't there."

Fantasy Impact: 

If Forte can get back to the player he was back in 2008, fantasy owners could get a steal on draft day, as he certainly won't be a first round pick this year in most leagues. The presence of offseason acquisition Chester Taylor hurts Forte's upside, but he's still a top 25 back in 4for4's current rankings. Forte could be even more useful in PPR formats since new offensive coordinator Mike Martz loves to throw the football.

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