Cedric Benson Victim, Not Aggressor

Within the past hour, lawyer Sam Bassett said that Bengals running back Cedric Benson "looks forward to telling his side of the story" in connection with a May 30 incident that resulted in a June 29 arrest for assault with injury.

Now, Benson lawyer David Cornwell has issued a statement on Benson's behalf.

"Late last month at a nightclub, Cedric Benson was asked to take pictures with some female fans," Cornwell says. "A man approached Cedric and objected to him posing for pictures with the women. Cedric explained that he had been asked to pose with the women and the man punched Cedric.

"An altercation followed and while Cedric was leaving the club, he was approached by another man aggressively. Believing this man was a friend of the man who had punched him; Cedric attempted to protect himself and continued out of the club. Immediately upon leaving the club, Cedric called the police. He was interviewed by the police and left the area.

Fantasy Impact: 

We're not surprised that Benson's lawyer is trying to paint things in a more positive light in regards to his client. We'll have to wait and see what the league has to say as this story develops.

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