Bengals practice in snow ahead of Jets game

The temperature was 20, the wind chill was numbing and snowflakes filled the air when the Cincinnati Bengals shuffled onto the field at Paul Brown Stadium for a one-hour practice Thursday. Two of them ignored the weather.

Offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski wore shorts -- his standard practice attire even in winter -- and offensive lineman Dennis Roland wore shorts and no sleeves. The rest of the team was bundled up for the wintery workout, getting ready to host the New York Jets in a wild-card playoff game Saturday.

"I'm not a fan of the cold, no sir, but I don't mind playing in it," said Roland, who grew up in Missouri and attended college at Georgia. "I figured that in the game I don't like to bundle up, so I might as well not go out to practice bundled up. Get used to it."

Temperatures in the teens and a chance of flurries are forecast for the game Saturday at the stadium, which turns into a wind tunnel because the seats behind both ends zones are lower than those on the sidelines.

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