Romo aims to be in better shape - [Full Article]

Cowboys QB Tony Romo is taking a new approach to conditioning in hopes of being in as good shape in December as he is in September. He's working on ways to be smarter and safer with the football.

Put it all together and it sounds like he's also accepting, and perhaps even embracing, the role of team leader — one that comes with more strings attached when that team is the Cowboys.

"It's not only dealing with the game but dealing with all the extra stuff that goes with it," Romo said Wednesday, the final day of a three-day minicamp that was the club's last official get-together before training camp.

"There are a lot of people that struggle with the mental side of off-the-field situations, and if you can't get over that then you're never going to be able to perform on the field. That's part of figuring out going with it and learning. I had to learn, just like I'm sure plenty of young guys will when they play."

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