HC Raheem Morris calls out Kellen Winslow

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After practice on Thursday Raheem Morris called out tight end Kellen Winslow for controlling his emotions. The Buccaneers traded a second and fifth round pick to the Clevelnd Browns for Winslow in the offseason, and gave him a contract extension during the offseason. Morris has talked about Winslow stepping up and being a leader throughout the offseason.

"Today's talking points with the team. It was a good practice because you got to go out there and see our mentality," said Morris. "Today you can see a little bit of weakness as far as the mentality. We rode the emotional roller coaster a little bit and I'll give you an example. Kellen Winslow, and I talked about this to the team so there is no talking behind the team's back, but Kellen Winslow catches a pass. He is hyped up and gets the crowd going. He throws it down behind his back, spin it, flip it, and gets the crowd relied up. Then he drops one, puts his head down, and walks back to the huddle. That is part of riding the emotional roller coaster that we don't want to do. You have to be the same no matter what. We need somebody to pick him up. No teammate should let him drop his head, and he shouldn't think of dropping his head. That's part of being a team, and that's apart of going to the next play and moving on. One play, becomes a bad practice. You need those good plays to keep it a ride and for people to take onto it."

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