Chemistry missing between Marshall, Orton

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For the Broncos, it's clear for the most part the WRs are still adjusting to a far more complex set of duties than they've had before. And WR Brandon Marshall, who missed much of the offseason as well as plenty of training camp for a variety of reasons. including a suspension, is usually getting some kind of direction from Orton, coach Josh McDaniels, WRs coach Adam Gase or all of the above when he leaves the field.
But he's hesitant in his routes, not always where Orton expects him to be and gets pulled at times because other guys, most notably Jabar Gaffney and Brandon Stokley, are far more comfortable in what the Broncos are doing.

And with Orton being constantly counseled to avoid the big mistake, he isn't going to force the ball into Marshall unless the receiver is where he is supposed to be, unlike another quarterback who may have played here recently.

Bottom line, if Marshall is listening and working to fix it, his production and playing time will go up. If not, he has a lot more three-catch games on his horizon, just like Sunday's, when he spent plenty of time watching other guys run routes.

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