FanDuel & DraftKings NFL DFS Week 2 GPP Breakdown

Sep 18, 2022
FanDuel & DraftKings NFL DFS Week 2 GPP Breakdown

In this space each week will be the top stacks, contrarian plays, and strategies to attack GPPs on both FanDuel and DraftKings. The backbone of our player pool is value, as highlighted by 4for4’s proprietary value metric, which goes beyond simple point-per-dollar projections. To be successful in GPPs, however, it’s essential to be unique and that can be accomplished by combining knowledge from 4for4’s suite of DFS tools including ownership projections, leverage scores, correlation, and stack values.

Even with all of these resources at our disposal, adjusting for game type is essential. For example, someone playing the Millionaire Maker shouldn’t have the same approach as someone entering a $300 single-entry contest with 150 entries. For nuanced explanations on game selection and lineup construction, be sure to check out 4for4’s DFS Strategy Hub and DFS MVP game theory segments.

Note: Many of 4for4’s cash game and value plays should be in your GPP player pool but may not necessarily be written about below. Most starters on teams with high implied totals are worthy of being rostered but players in this breakdown are those to be overweight on.

This article is updated until kickoff. For other up-to-the-minute and Sunday morning updates, be sure to join the 4for4 DFS subscription-only Discord channel.

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Keys to Winning GPPs in Week 2

Late swap should be a part of your weekly DFS process but it’s paramount when ownership will concentrate heavily on multiple late-window games. That’s the case this week with the Rams and Raiders, as well as the Broncos to a lesser extent. This is an ideal situation for savvy DFS players—you will have information on over half of the games on the slate before many of the most popular players even start.

The combinations of late swap decisions are vast and every situation is unique—many of the most common situations are discussed here. An obvious late swap scenario is when you are in second place and you reverse engineer the first place lineup to conclude that you both have the same player left. In that scenario, you swap to another player since it is the only way you will win. Conversely, if you are winning and have a contrarian player left, you might swap to the best value, making it tougher for the field to catch you. As you add more variables, the tougher your decision becomes.

One strategy that tournament players can put into action is favoring contrarian plays in the early window. This can maximize your information edge. If your early contrarian plays bust, you should be less inclined to stay on your popular late-window players since you will never catch lineups that did will early with chalky players left as well. When your early dart throws hit, playing chalk late is acceptable since your high-scoring plays are already unique—in extreme situations where the field is looking up at you, you might even consider pivoting to the best values on the slate, even if they have the highest ownership. Everything in between requires a lot more feel and risk assessment.

For specific late swap questions, be sure to hop in the 4for4 Discord. While there isn’t a blanket answer to late swap, know that the overwhelming majority of your opponents aren’t implementing this huge edge and you will gain equity every week by using late swap and improving your player swap instincts.

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