Introducing the Pro Plan, with Unlimited Draft Hero and Auction Analyzer

Aug 10, 2016
Introducing the Pro Plan, with Unlimited Draft Hero and Auction Analyzer

Hi Folks,

This is our third year partnered with Ted Kasten and the great people over at Draft Hero. Your response has been overwhelmingly positive, and we have been in negotiations to strengthen that partnership. Today, I'm pleased to announce Auction Analyzer is available to 4for4 subscribers!

To do this (because Draft Hero's kids have to eat too), we are creating a new subscription plan called Pro.

Premium Subscribers, Nothing Changes!

Premium subscribers will see no changes. Premium subscribers continue to get access to Draft Hero ($24 value) with the ability to upgrade to League Import and Draft Sync in-app ($5 per site).

What's New in the Pro subscription?

A Pro subscription comes with everything your standard, Premium 4for4 subscription has, PLUS...

  • Access to Ultimate Draft Hero for web, mobile and desktop ($49 Value)
  • Access to Auction Analyzer for web and mobile ($20 Value)
  • Unlimited Draft Hero Draft Sync support for Yahoo!, MyFantasyLeague and RTSports
  • Unlimited Draft Hero League Import support for CBS, NFL, Yahoo!, ESPN, MyFantasyLeague and RTSports

Together, this represents a $69 value, but we've negotiated to get 4for4 subscribers the best price available anywhere. Our new Pro plan costs $49, or a $20 upgrade if you already have a Premium subscription. Your 4for4 subscription is essentially free. Subscribe or Upgrade for immediate access.

DFS Subscribers Get More Stuff for the Same Price

DFS subscribers now have access to Ultimate Draft Hero and Auction Analyzer at no extra cost. If you've been considering a DFS subscription, hopefully this can push you over the edge.

Bottom Line

If you have any questions, our friendly Support Experts are always here to help.

Thanks for bearing with us as the site grows and our pricing options become a bit more complicated. Thankfully, I see this as our last major plan change in the foreseeable future, although the Pro plan may see some additional features added to it later this season.

Happy drafting!

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