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Auction Analyzer

Never make a mistake and draft the best possible team with Auction Analyzer on the web or iPad! Receive personalized auction advice for every player nominated based on 4for4's award-winning projections. Auction Analyzer's algorithms optimize your entire auction (and team). You'll be able to track dynamic suggested bids and auction inflation throughout the auction and understand exactly how much to bid or not bid for every player nominated. On draft day, you'll have access to the following key information:

  • Projected fantasy points (based on your scoring rules)
  • Dynamic dollar values/suggested bids
  • Target players at any price
  • Build optimal team around your desired players to fit under your salary cap
  • Average auction value data from similar auctions
  • Great for Keeper leagues
  • Projected and historical stats
  • Player durability and consistency rankings
  • Team fantasy stats, rankings and strength of schedule
  • And much more!

4for4 Classic Subscribers receive FREE access to the Draft Hero web (mobile) and desktop versions with 4for4's award winning projections, a $25 value.

4for4 Pro and DFS Subscribers receive FREE access to Draft Hero Unlimited (unlimited draft sync and league import) and Auction Analyzer, a $69 total value.


Auction Analyzer Highlights

  • Included with your 4for4 Pro or DFS Subscription
  • Player Projections from 4for4
  • Personalized Auction Advice
  • Quick Start League Templates
  • Web-based and ideal for iPad/Touch Devices
  • Please login or subscribe to access your copy of Auction Analyzer today.

Please login or subscribe to access your copy of Auction Analyzer today.

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