Nick Foles Has a Shot at Being Fantasy Football's #1 QB

Jul 25, 2014
Nick Foles Has a Shot at Being Fantasy Football's #1 QB

It brings real physical pain to say this: The fantasy football quarterback market, for all its hideous flaws, is not completely broken.

Yes, we can stream to championships and find every-week starters on ye ol’ waiver wire. Yes, we can use various 4for4 tools to find the week’s best quarterback matchups and reap the benefits of apples to apples comparisons. Yes, the quarterback market is rife with inefficiency.

Whatever do I mean by charging that the valuation of quarterbacks isn’t completely broken? I only mean that the only signal callers who have QB1 – fantasy’s top quarterback spot – in their range of outcomes are the first three quarterbacks off the draft board.

That would be Peyton Manning (with an average draft position of 2.04), Aaron Rodgers (2.12 ADP), and Drew Brees (3.07). This is a subjective assertion, of course, since those three quarterbacks are the only ones with QB1 in their range of outcomes by my estimation – my projections.

But wait. Wait just a minute...

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