• Brian Hoyer

  • QB
  • , New England Patriots
  • 37
  • 216 lbs
  • 6' 2"
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Scouting report

by Brandon Niles

IND QB Brian Hoyer - Week 10 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 10 vs. Miami Dolphins

Brian Hoyer threw three touchdowns in relief of Jacoby Brissett last week, nearly leading the Colts to a victory if not for a missed field goal at the end of the game. Brissett is questionable with a knee sprain heading into a great matchup against the Dolphins, making both players a question mark. Should Brissett sit, Hoyer has some streaming upside in a week full of byes against the fourth-worst team in aFPA to opposing quarterbacks. In general, however, fantasy owners should look for a more stable streaming option if possible.

by Dale Lolley

SF QB Brian Hoyer - Week 6 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 6 at Washington

Brian Hoyer had his second big game in three weeks, throwing for 353 yards and 2 scores against Indianapolis last week. Given the matchup, the 49ers could be forced to throw again this week if they fall behind. Hoyer isn't anything close to a sure bet, however. This one would take some guts to do. But he could be a sneaky start if you feel the Washington will start fast.

by Dale Lolley

SF QB Brian Hoyer - Week 5 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 5 at Indianapolis Colts

Brian Hoyer threw for 234 yards last week against Arizona but also threw an interception and failed to throw a touchdown pass. Given that he's not going to add a lot running the ball, that's not nearly enough to make Hoyer a solid fantasy play. Hoyer has been a viable fantasy player in just one game this season. Even though Indianapolis has given up at least 295 yards passing in three of its four games, Hoyer is not a good start this week despite the matchup.

by Dale Lolley

SF QB Brian Hoyer - Week 4 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 4 at Arizona Cardinals

A week after failing to top 100 yards passing against Seattle in Week 2, Brian Hoyer went for 332 yards, 2 touchdowns, and an interception last week against the Rams. The Cardinals have given up 6 passing touchdowns but 4 came in Week 1. Since then, they have given up 2 passing TDs and less than 216 yards in each game. That doesn't bode well for the San Francisco passing game or Hoyer. He should not be in your lineup.

by Dale Lolley

SF QB Brian Hoyer - Week 3 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 3 vs. L.A. Rams

Brian Hoyer threw for just 99 yards against a tough Seattle defense and failed to throw a touchdown pass for the second consecutive week. That's not good. This week he faces a Rams defense that actually might be tougher to deal with. The Rams have given up 179 yards passing in each of their first two games and only 1 touchdown pass. Hoyer doesn't have a lot to work with and, on a short week, this is a tough matchup. He should not be in your lineup.

by Dale Lolley

SF QB Brian Hoyer - Week 2 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 2 at Seattle Seahawks

The 49ers didn't protect Brian Hoyer well last week, as he threw for 193 yards with 1 interception and a fumble while being sacked 4 times. That doesn't bode well for a game at Seattle this week, which is also their home opener. Hoyer should definitely not be in your lineup this week, even if he might get some garbage time yards—that is, if he survives.

by Dale Lolley

SF QB Brian Hoyer - Week 1 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 1 vs. Carolina Panthers

Brian Hoyer might be a good backup option for you if you had Jameis Winston as your starter and didn't take a backup. He probably went undrafted in a lot of leagues and has a home game against a Carolina team that was below average against the pass last season. That said, Hoyer doesn't have the best weapons to work with, but he knows the offense well and should have some success. Hoyer isn't an every-week starter, but look for the 49ers to throw some wrinkles out there in their opener that teams haven't seen. An emergency situation is the only way Hoyer should be in your lineup, even if he did have four consecutive 300-yard games in his starts last season.

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