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Scouting report

by Jordan Heck

CLE WR Andrew Hawkins - Week 3, 2016 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 3 at Miami
Andrew Hawkins has had some success in this league, like in 2014 when he had 63 catches for 824 yards. He's now back in the starting lineup playing opposite of Terrelle Pryor. But considering he hasn't done much this year, and he's playing with a third-string quarterback, we see no reason why Hawkins should be a trusted option.

by Andy Rioux

CLE WR Andrew Hawkins - 2015 Fantasy Football Outlook

Before the 2014 season, the Cleveland Browns signed Andrew Hawkins away from division rival Cincinnati. It was largely panned as another poor personnel move by the Browns, as many felt the slot receiver was getting too much money for his services. In the end, the acquisition of Hawkins was a positive, as he led Cleveland in receptions and receiving yards. Can the Hawk continue to soar in his second season on the shores of Lake Erie?

2015 Upside
Fantasy owners value stability, and in many ways Hawkins is the safest receiver on the Browns roster. Dwayne Bowe and Brian Hartline were discarded by their previous teams after down seasons in 2014. Draftee Vince Mayle is considered a dicey prospect with drop issues. Taylor Gabriel has generated some positive publicity, but largely remains an unproven commodity. Tight end Rob Housler is essentially in the same boat and Travis Benjamin is a spare part. Hawkins lacks upside, but his role as Cleveland’s slot receiver looks secure. Fantasy owners do not have to question his competency. The Browns will probably be playing from behind quite a bit and their offensive line looks respectable, which is not always the case for bad teams. A good line will give new starting quarterback Josh McCown a fighting chance.

2015 Downside
Yes, Hawkins led Cleveland in receiving, but he averaged an unremarkable 4.2 receptions and 54.9 yards per game. Those are the numbers of a fantasy reserve, especially considering all he could muster was two touchdowns. And while you know what you are getting with Andrew, the Browns will be bound and determined to make sure their new acquisitions are highly involved in the offense, which means his reign atop the Cleveland receiving ranks may be over. McCown was a disaster with Tampa Bay last year and it remains to see if Hawkins will click with him in the same manner he clicked with Brian Hoyer. Even though we are in the year 2015 and the modern NFL is a passing league, the Browns have three talented running backs and will operate with an old school run, run, and then run some more philosophy.

Bottom Line
Hawkins might produce a few decent games on occasion, which puts him on the radar as a cheap option in daily leagues. Unfortunately, if you have to rely on the Hawk in yearly, head-to-head formats, you are going to be in trouble.

by Andy Rioux

CLE WR Andrew Hawkins - Week 17, 2014 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 17 – Andrew Hawkins at Baltimore Ravens
Over the past two games, Andrew Hawkins has three receptions for 35 yards. In defense of Hawkins, he is stuck in a bad situation and also dealing with a thumb injury. Nonetheless, if you were hanging onto Hawkins because he was offering passable WR3 numbers at times earlier this year, feel free to buy him a one-way ticket to the waiver wire in Week 17.

by Andy Rioux

CLE WR Andrew Hawkins - Week 16, 2014 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 16 – Andrew Hawkins at Carolina Panthers

The days of Andrew Hawkins being a decent WR3 are a distant memory even though they took place not that long ago. Terrible performances from Brian Hoyer and most recently, Johnny “Football” Manziel have shredded the limited credibility of Cleveland’s offense. Hawkins caught two passes for seven yards in Week 15. By default, he should put together a better showing in Charlotte, but Baby Hawk needs to remain a bench warmer this weekend.

by Andy Rioux

CLE WR Andrew Hawkins - Week 15, 2014 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 15 – Andrew Hawkins vs. Cincinnati Bengals
With Brian Hoyer in a funk in Week 14, Andrew Hawkins, like the rest of Cleveland’s receivers, had a quiet afternoon, catching four passes for 38 yards. The insertion of Johnny Manziel into the starting lineup could lead to better things for the entire offense, but it remains to be seen how Johnny Football will click with someone like Hawkins, who has not been a consistent player for fantasy teams in 2014. Given his up-and-down production, Hawkins does not deserve a starting assignment during a critical week of the fantasy football postseason.

by Andy Rioux

CLE WR Andrew Hawkins - Week 14, 2014 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 14 – Andrew Hawkins vs. Indianapolis Colts
Andrew Hawkins was very quiet in Week 13, catching two passes for 24 yards. Baby Hawk cannot be totally blamed for his silent afternoon, as Brian Hoyer is in a funk. With Miles Austin out for the season, Andrew’s value to the Browns is enhanced, as they will need him for the chain-moving receptions Austin was capable of. However, with Hoyer struggling and potential alternative Johnny Manziel likely to turn many passing plays into runs, Hawkins belongs on your bench.

by Andy Rioux

CLE WR Andrew Hawkins - Week 13, 2014 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 13 – Andrew Hawkins at Buffalo Bills

The return of Josh Gordon did not hurt Andrew Hawkins. The former Toledo Rocket blasted off through Atlanta’s sketchy secondary for five receptions and 92 yards. Unfortunately for Hawkins, he will find the going much tougher against a good Buffalo pass defense. The potential return of Jordan Cameron could also hamper his productivity. Given the increasingly crowded landscape in Cleveland and the fact there will be no more bye weeks, Hawkins is out of WR3 range.

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