No Holdout For Reggie Wayne

"Is it that time already Colts fans. Seems just like yesterday I cleaning
out my locker getting ready for the off-season. I guest it's true when
they say, "time waits for no man". So Anderson Indiana here come the
Mighty Indianapolis Colts to invade your town for a few weeks. I hope
it's somewhere good to eat In Anderson. (first time Colts have held
training camp in Anderson Indiana in over 10 years) All of my friends
keep telling me how they can't wait for me to go back to work because
they want to see some football. Then we get into a debate about how
they cutting my vacation short. But at the same time, it's raining
everyday in South Florida due to hurricane season. So maybe it is time
to play some football. Not much else to talk about at this point in time.
I'm about to go sit by the pool with a glass of lemonade (that's right
LEMONADE) and enjoy my last few days of freedom. Talk to you soon.

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