Eagles Beat: WR Alshon Jeffery likely to start on PUP list

Alshon Jeffery is almost certain to start training camp on the PUP (Physically Unable to Perform) list. He can come off of PUP at any time during training camp, but must remain on PUP for at least six weeks if he is still on it at the start of the regular season.

If some GM called up Roseman and said, "Hey give us your fifth rounder next year and we’ll eat $10 million in cash for you," Roseman would have Jeffery on the first flight out of Philly. But that call probably isn't coming.

Fantasy Impact: 

It seems like the Eagles would be fine to part ways with Jeffery, who many think was an unnamed source who bashed teammate and quarterback Carson Wentz over the last two years. According to the story, trading Jeffery is still possible, but unlikely. Any team trading for Jeffery would be acquiring a slow, recently injured receiver in each of the last two seasons. He would count for $9,910,000 on any acquiring team's cap, but more importantly, he would deplete $9,910,000 of that team's cash, the story said.

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