Could we see a lot of Tim Tebow?

Just how much "wild horse" offense should we expect to see this season? Or, to put it another way, just how much Tim Tebow?

My guess is more than you think. In fact, my guess is the Broncos will lead the league in what other teams call wildcat plays, unless Tebow's place in the formation determines what you call it, in which case the counting could get complicated.

As you may have heard, Josh McDaniels, the Broncos' second- year head coach, is not lacking for confidence. So I would be surprised if he drafted Tebow in the first round to be a clipboard holder for even one year. That would be the conventional approach, but conventional does not seem to be what McDaniels is after.

On the other hand, based on the team's extensive work during offseason minicamps, McDaniels made no secret of the fact that last year's starter, Kyle Orton, is well ahead of backups Brady Quinn and Tebow in the base offense. No surprise there. It is Tebow's first pro offense, and Quinn is reaching back to his college days for a similar scheme.

Fantasy Impact: 

Tebow may have some value in scoring leagues, along the lines of Mike Vick. But still, with so many better options at the position, it seems really risky to play Tebow or Vick in your lineup over a bottom top-ten QB, like Eli Manning for example.

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