Cable: All is well

Q: What do you make of the Tom Cable Watch the past three weeks or so? Have you spoken with Davis and what have you learned?

Cable: Well, we’ve had a lot of conversations. You’re right, there’s been a lot of speculation. But the whole time, we’ve talked about where we’re at as a football team. And that’s everything. That’s the organization, that’s the coaches, that’s the roster, our free agents, who we need to get signed back, just everything that goes into it. We really never have had discussions about what would or wouldn’t happen. It’s just always been about evaluating the Oakland Raiders. I don’t know that at anytime he’s ever said he was going to change or he wasn’t going to change. It’s just an evaluation process that every team goes through. We did great diligence in terms of an organization, the coaches, and here we are getting ready for the 2010 season and starting the scouting routine with the Senior Bowl.

Q: So, do you expect to be the coach of the Raiders for 2010?

Cable: Well, absolutely. I don’t think there was ever any question. That, really, was more speculation than anything else. It’s never been a thought in my mind. We went at this thing every day, whether it was discussions with the owner or discussions with the staff, that we were moving forward and getting ready for 2010. So, it’s never really been an issue for us.

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