Broncos WR Emmanuel Sanders says 'there's some frustration' with his role

Broncos WR Emmanuel Sanders on his role:

"There's some frustration, but it's hard to be frustrated when you’re sitting here 2-0," Sanders said. "I can sit up here and make it all about me and Demaryius, how we're used to having 100-yard games, we're used to scoring touchdowns and we're used to doing this. But we're sitting here 2-0 ... Individually, I would like to have my highlights on ESPN, yeah, I would like to have 100-yard games, be ranked top five, but we're sitting here 2-0 ... I'm waiting for that big game, Demaryius is waiting for that big game -- we know it’s going to come."

Neither Sanders nor Thomas has a touchdown reception in the Broncos' first two games and Sanders hasn't topped 50 yards receiving in a game. In the Broncos' win over the Colts this past Sunday, Sanders had three receptions in the Broncos' first seven plays from scrimmage, then didn't have another catch in the game.

Sanders went as far as to say Wednesday "that at some point if what we're doing isn't working" the Broncos might have to "change" some of their play-calls.

Fantasy Impact: 

As Sanders said, it's hard to be too worried about personal statistics when the team is 2-0. Quarterback has and will be an issue for the Broncos all season, but there should be enough volume to support two fantasy receivers.

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