Barber's slump becomes a concern

Marion Barber is a prototypical power back except for one detail – he's struggling in short-yardage situations.

In the last three games, Barber is 2-for-7 on third and fourth downs with 1 or 2 yards to go. He was 10 of 11 in those situations in the previous 12 games. In Sunday's win over Washington, Barber failed to convert four of those short-yardage situations. He was stopped at the 1 three straight times against San Diego.

Phillips said the coaches are looking at the short-yardage package to correct what has gone wrong, but he doesn't think doubt will creep in.

Barber appeared to hesitate after two of those handoffs. Phillips said Washington's Albert Haynesworth had much to do with the stops. He disagreed with a notion that the Cowboys ran finesse plays.

"We've been successful," Phillips said. "We were one of the most successful and Marion was one of the most successful guys and has been through his career, so I think we can get back to that. ... We're addressing that to make sure it doesn't happen again, or the chance of it happening will be less. We need to make those kinds of plays."

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