ATL QB Matt Ryan studied tape of elite QBs

Atlanta QB Matt Ryan filled in for vacationing writer Peter King:

NFL quarterbacks spend a lot of time during the off-season dissecting every aspect of their performance. We analyze, critique, and obsess over things that went right and try to figure out the things that went wrong.

So it should come as no surprise that days after we finished the 2009 season by recording back-to-back winning seasons for the first time in the 44-year history of the franchise, I was back in our quarterbacks room at the Falcons complex analyzing how I played during the season. And after reviewing the tapes of our 9-7 season, I decided I would spend the early part of the off-season studying the high-scoring offenses in the NFL that had personnel similar to ours here in Atlanta.

While analyzing and studying those six offenses, I closely watched the quarterbacks -- Peyton Manning from the Colts, Tony Romo from the Cowboys, Tom Brady from the Patriots, Phillip Rivers from the Chargers, Aaron Rodgers from the Packers and Drew Brees from the Saints -- to see what each guy did to make his team so effective.

Fantasy Impact: 

Ryan ranks 14th at 4for4, which puts him at a backup role for most fantasy leagues. He could be a guy you want to target to pair with a low end QB1 -- someone like Eli Manning, Donovan McNabb, Kevin Kolb or Jay Cutler.

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