Fantasy Football K Yahoo Draft Rankings

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1Justin TuckerBAL1413119.0723.034529
2Jake MoodySF913020.0724.054828
3Jason SandersMIA612921.0625.064727
4Brandon AubreyDAL712619.0923.054327
5Tyler BassBUF1212521.1025.104427
6Harrison ButkerKC612419.1023.064128
7Evan McPhersonCIN1212320.0624.044127
8Younghoe KooATL1212320.0424.023928
9Ka'imi FairbairnHOU1412320.0324.014028
10Jake ElliottPHI512219.1223.084227

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What is a Kicker in Fantasy Football?

In football, the kicker is responsible for kicking all of the team’s field goals and the extra points. Some NFL teams have the kicker and punter share kickoff duties, but those are typically not used in fantasy football scoring. Most fantasy football leagues require one starting kicker and they gain points by kicking field goals and extra points. Some leagues have been opting to eliminate the position completely.

Who are the Best Fantasy Kickers?

When it comes to kickers, there isn’t usually an agreement on the consensus rankings on who the best kicker is. There are however, a clear top-seven that fantasy managers should be targeting if possible. Those include Bass, Gay, Butker, Succop, McPherson, Tucker and Carlson.

How Many Kickers Should I Draft?

Fantasy managers only need to draft one kicker. This position typically provides 7-10 fantasy points per week, so the weekly output isn’t high enough for fantasy managers to feel like they need to roster two. The difference between K1 and K12 isn’t significant enough you need to prioritize this position. This position also provides a lot of different options for fantasy managers and streaming the kicker position is a very viable strategy.

How do I Stream Kickers?

To stream kickers, fantasy managers will often target using a new kicker each week. This is done by attacking the waiver wire and adding a new player to start at this position on a weekly basis. To do this effectively, you'll need to pay attention to the implied point totals for the upcoming week's games. Targeting games with high implied point totals are an effective way to stream this position. As the season moves along, fantasy managers can also take into account which defenses give up the most points to kickers. This is another great way to target players with positive matchups.

What Round should I Pick a Kicker in Fantasy Football?

Due to the lower scoring among kickers, with players often maxing out at 10 point per game average, you shouldn't draft a kicker until the last or second to last round of your fantasy football draft. Until those last two rounds, you should be acquiring as many potential lottery tickets as you can. Kickers can easily be found on the waiver wire.

M/U = 4for4 matchup ranking (Schedule-Adjusted Fantasy Points Allowed). 1 = Worst Matchup, 32 = Best Matchup