Vegas Refund's 2024 Draft Bets

Apr 07, 2024
Vegas Refund's 2024 Draft Bets
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Vegas Refund is up over 47 units on Draft Bets in the last two years. Access all of his plays in 4for4's discord!

Vegas Refund will be releasing ALL of his NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL Draft plays in 4for4’s discord this year! He is up over 47 units the past two years just on draft betting alone. He will now have his own channel in our discord to release and discuss bets on all of the major upcoming drafts!

Vegas Refund's 2024 Draft Bets

Access his plays:

  1. Buy a 4for4 betting subscription using code: “VR” (Enter code after creating/logging into account). This will get you the best discount possible and access to all of his plays!
  2. Join the 4for4 Discord
  3. Link your subscription by going to the #Link-Your-Subscription Channel. If you are having trouble, DM our moderator SpaceGhostForce and he will take care of you!

Important Note: You MUST use promo code: VR and you MUST buy the betting subscription otherwise you will not see his plays.

That’s it! You will know you are fully set up when you see VR’s specific channel and roughly 20 other betting channels.

While those are the basic steps to be set up to fully maximize your experience, consider these other options as well:

  • Push Notifications for VR’s plays: Go to #Role-Assign, click on "Vegas Refund Plays" emoji, and you will receive push notifications any time he is releasing a play!
  • Find the best odds: Using our NFL Draft odds table you can easily find the best prices among major domestic sportsbooks. Check it out here.
  • Watch/Listen to our weekly show: Vegas Refund joins Connor Allen, Ryan Noonan, and Scott Smith each week to break down the latest news and how it’s impacting draft markets. Check it out here

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a code for monthly subscriptions?

  • Answer: There is no code for the monthly subscription but it does include all of his plays and everything at 4for4.

Where can I find Vegas Refund's plays?

  • Answer: Vegas Refund will only release his plays in the discord. He will send an initial push notification in the discord giving a warning for the play and then release the play in the #Vegas-Refund-Plays Channel.

When will plays be posted?

  • Answer: Plays will be posted whenever Vegas Refund believes there is value.

Does the subscription to 4for4 come with his sheet?

  • Answer: No, Vegas Refund sells his sheets separately and are not included in the subscription to 4for4. Only his best bets come with the subscription.
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