Trader's Alley Week 6: Buy Low, Sell High

Oct 12, 2016
Trader's Alley Week 6: Buy Low, Sell High

Pros and Cons to Consider Before Closing the Deal

This column is designed to quickly unearth some not so obvious things to help you... buy low and sell high.

Further, we suggest you only make a trade if you receive plenty of value in return and the deal results in an improved roster for your squad. In short, obtain players that will outperform their current perceived value while trading overrated talent. Do that and you'll be on your way to improving your roster. The perfect trade!

Owners considering trades should also consult our Rest-of-Season Rankings and Player Trade Evaluator.

Trade for Lamar Miller

Why trade for him now?
1) Because of last weeks modest effort, may be undervalued now.
2) Schedule gets much easier.
3) Has a soft game this week.

Possible trade bait to land him:
LeGarrette Blount
Jordan Matthews
Sammie Coates

Continue reading for more buy lows and sell highs, a full breakdown of trade pros and cons of the top-100 players, and lists of players segmented by over- or undervalued, easier- or harder schedule, easier- or harder playoff schedule, injury potential, and more.

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