Optimized TOP-150 Player Trade Evaluator

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For years, one of the most popular pages at 4for4 Fantasy Football has been our exclusive Rest of Season Player Trade Values released each Tuesday.

Great news here, we've upgraded the application.

For help with, "Should I Make the Trade?" questions. Add up Trade Value points for all the players involved. By making the trade do you gain or lose points? If you significantly gain points, that suggests you give the deal a good look and perhaps pull the trigger.

Example: Quarterbacks are significantly more valuable in leagues that start two QBs than in leagues that only start one. Underlying math proves this statement many times over.

Beyond the number of starters, our Trade Evaluator can be used to rank players based on how you value your core roster.

Example: You may start two RBs in your league, however you may think a good core roster must have three quality RBs. With our Trade Evaluator, that's not a problem. Simply tell us you want to focus your team on three RBs (not two) and the system will optimize the overall ranking for you.

Our rest of season rankings will really come in handy when thinking over trades.

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