How to Win FanDuel GPP Tournaments

Sep 09, 2016
How to Win FanDuel GPP Tournaments

Below I have put together a set of guidelines for each position when selecting players for FanDuel GPPs. It is meant to be read over quickly as a refresher as you build your lineups, so I made sure to list only key points and avoid clutter. For more detailed analysis, you can read the individual articles this template is largely based on.

One thing to keep in mind is that these are guidelines meant to help narrow down your player pool or choose between players, but they are by no means the last word. For example, just because 66% of quarterbacks who had a "big game" are favorites doesn't mean we should always use favorites at QB -- after all, two-thirds of "big game" QBs came from underdogs.

Another thing to keep in mind is that as the season progresses, the numbers, as far as value and home/road or favorite/underdog splits, can change depending on how FanDuel prices players. I will update as I see fit, but in general, I'd put the more stock in the philosophical pillars, such as "RBs need goal line work for TD upside" than in the exact home/road splits, etc.

The guidelines are largely based on research detailed in the following articles:

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