Perfect Draft Series: Drafting 2nd in a 12 Team PPR League

Aug 11, 2014
Perfect Draft Series: Drafting 2nd in a 12 Team PPR League

Even though I love the thrill of winning games during the season and being part of the championship chase, my favorite time of year is draft season. There is nothing more fun than assembling a squad and going through the chess game of trying to outwit your opponents. As I have found in my many years of playing fantasy football, every bit of information you can get will give you a greater chance of success.

With that in mind, allow me to reintroduce my esteemed friend PC Drafter. PC Drafter is a powerful weapon and if you have PC on your side, you stand a significantly greater chance of success. As we have in past years, PC and I have set a goal of creating a Perfect Team.

PC and I will be drafting second overall in a 12-team PPR league. In this league, teams will start 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, and 1 defense. Teams are allowed to draft no more than two quarterbacks, two kickers, two tight ends, two defenses, five wide receivers, and five running backs. The draft will last 16 rounds.

In this league, the scoring rules for offensive players are:
Passing Touchdowns = 6 Points
Passing Yards = 1 Point for every 25 yards
Interceptions = -2 Points
Rushing/Receiving Touchdowns = 6 Points
Rushing/Receiving Yards = 1 Point for every 10 yards
Receptions = 1 Point
2Pt Conversions = 2 Points
Fumbles = -1 Point

The scoring rules for defensive teams:
Defensive/Special Teams Touchdowns = 6 Points
Interceptions/Sacks/Fumble Recoveries = 1 Point
Safeties = 2 Points
Shutouts = 14 Points
1-10 Points Allowed = 7 Points
11-20 Points Allowed = 3 Points

The scoring rules for kickers:
Extra Points = 1 Point
Field Goals = 3 Points
Long Field Goals = 4 Points
Missed Field Goals = -2 Points

For those who have read my Perfect Draft articles in the past, you know I am not afraid to go against conventional drafting wisdom, especially when it comes to taking wide receivers earlier than running backs. With this league requiring three wide receivers and an erratic talent pool at this position, will history repeat itself? And we will follow this year’s prevailing wisdom of waiting on a quarterback?

Regardless of the components of our draft, the bottom line is this - Can PC and I succeed in drafting a team so sizzling hot that even an Ice Bucket Challenge would not be able to cool it down? Let’s find out…

Pick 1.2 Jamaal Charles

As wise philosopher Jerry Seinfeld told us, “never bet against the backslide.” Charles had a career year last season against an easier schedule than he will have this year, and it is only natural that his numbers are going to show some regression. Still, he’s a sensational player who will continue to post dominant numbers more often than not. After LeSean “Shady” McCoy went first, Jamaal was a no-brainer recommendation for PC and a no-brainer selection for me. Charles gives us a franchise player right out of the gate.

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