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- Verified accurate rankings, projections and cheatsheets
- Expert advice and knowledge
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- Best-in-class drafting information
- Outstanding data analysis
- Industry leading decision support tools
- Preseason and in-season fantasy articles
- Unmatched data mining capabilities
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What's the #1 thing 4for4 offers?

Subscribers have varying needs and we cover all aspects of fantasy football. That said, the #1 thing 4for4 brings to the table are our consistently accurate rankings and predictions -- week after week, year after year.
Senior Editor John Paulsen was named the Most Accurate Fantasy Football Expert by FantasyPros in both 2010 and 2014 and was the runner-up in 2011. In 2012, he finished 4th, so he has finished in top 5 in four of the last five seasons. He also won the FF Librarian/Fantasy Sports Trade Association award for having the Most Accurate Draft Rankings of 2011.
According to FantasyPros, over the past five seasons no one has been more consistently accurate than John:

** third-party verification

Per FantasyPros, "This year’s first place finish makes Paulsen the only expert to win our in-season competition more than once. And, perhaps most impressively, it also gives him the #1 accuracy rating in all multi-year views over the last 5 seasons. In other words, whether you look back at the last 2, 3, 4, or 5 years, the end result is the same: John Paulsen is the most accurate fantasy football expert."

Executive Editor Josh Moore finished in the FantasyPros Top 5 in both 2010 and 2011, an impressive feat, while finishing second to only John in the 2011 FF Librarian/FSTA preseason rankings study. In 2012, Josh turned the 4for4 rankings over to John so that he could develop other areas of the site, though the two continuously discuss the rankings throughout the season.

See how our Accuracy measures up against the competition or read a few Testimonials, including one from WCOFF Champ Patrick Ritchie, who won $200,000 using 4for4's service.

Full Impact Tools

With our suite of tools, you don't have to worry about downloading files and messy installations. Just enter your league information online once and you are all set. Our tools are fully integrated and can accommodate all of your leagues with the touch of a button.
Full Impact is all about providing customized analysis for your roster, your league, your draft and your wavier wire pool, providing interactive analysis and decision support tools tailored to your league.
No more canned reports or "one size fits all" analysis. Even the savviest fantasy football owner will reap significant benefit and time savings using Full Impact.

Our Expert Staff

To be the best, it's important your information and insights come from true football professionals -- people that really know the game and people that make their living attending NFL practices and interviewing players.
Our insiders have access, really know football and actively participate in fantasy leagues. This combination allows us to deliver unmatched insights, giving you a huge edge in your league.

Once the Season Starts, Hang On!

We keep you competetive and give you an edge all season long. All season long we provide the following:
• Customized weekly cheatsheets with projected stats
• Consult Weekly Assistant Coach (WAC) for lineup advice
• Sortable weekly fantasy rankings & downloadable projections
• Rest-of-season redraft rankings and projected stats
• Exclusive injury report and practice notes
IDP rankings (by position and overall)
• Monday Waiver Wire Watch
• Waiver Wire Look Ahead Planner
• Team Defense Waiver Wire Look Ahead Planner
• Favorable-Unfavorable Weekly Player Situation Analysis
• Player Trade Values
• Trader's Alley - Make timely trades
• Fantasy Points Allowed by Position
• Sortable team offensive & defensive stats
• RBBC Report, a breakdown of RB committees
• Exclusive member freerolls in daily fantasy football contests
• Gameday matchups and weekly player profiles
• Gameday weather
• Our exclusive Stud-Bust Analysis
• Select NFL Coach's Comments
• Reception Workload Reports
• Target Report
• Redzone Defense Analysis
• Scoring/Redzone Tendency Analysis
• Player Workload Analysis
• NFL schedule analysis
• Defensive Knowledgeseeker - the ultimate matchup report
• Offensive Knowledgeseeker - track production considering opponent
• Updated player pages with tons of unique stats
• We track our prediction Accuracy
• Notes, insights and commentary about the NFL
• Weekly Bargains -- identifying undervalued players
• Weekly team box score forecast
• Sunday Last Minute News & Inactives - who's playing, who's out
• Ingame reporting and stud tracking
• Sunday Night Injury Report
If you're looking for outstanding draft day information and a service that brings it hard each and every week of the NFL season, the choice is clear.
Note: We also provide cheat sheets and analasis during the NFL Playoffs, for those of you playing in playoff leagues.

Injury Reports

As all experienced fantasy football owners know, injuries are a huge part of the game. Our staff keeps a close eye on injuries throughout the week, updating subscribers on practice participation and IR status. Our visual, color-coded reports provide an instant overview of the significant injuries by team and by position so that fantasy owners can get the information they need quickly and efficiently. We also publish a weekly Upgrade/Downgrade Report which has proven to be a good indicator of player availability.

New to Fantasy Football?

While 4for4 is a serious and intense fantasy football website, it's still appropriate for the beginner. In fact, by subscribing to our service and leveraging our user-friendly, state-of-the-art tools, you'll actually have an advantage in your league.
As a newcomer to fantasy football:
- You'll learn how to draft a winning team
- You'll see the consequences of varying draft decisions in YOUR league
- You'll obtain custom advice for YOUR lineup and YOUR matchup each week
- You'll learn when to pickup free agents based on YOUR league and YOUR roster
- You'll find highly undervalued NFL players (sleepers)
- You'll have quick access to all the essential news, so you'll always be informed
- You'll learn all the basics and much more
And, as a subscriber you'll have plenty of satisfaction, because winning at fantasy football is just plain fun!
If you're about to start playing fantasy football keep this in mind: Like any sport, it's important you develop winning habits and use good techniques from day one. We're confident 4for4 can help you achieve this goal and help you exceed all expectations. Even as a rookie, we'll have you competing with the vets.

If You Made It This Far...

You probably have a good idea what 4for4 is all about.
We aspire to be the best and most accurate fantasy football service on the web. We are intent on delivering superior products and services to our members and we will use innovation, networking and mathematical principals to continually bring meaningful improvement to our subscribers.
4for4 works with the best people, builds effective tools and focuses on our customers.
4for4.com is all about providing you the right information at the right time to help you make the right decisions! We appreciate your interest and support.

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