• Robert Griffin III

  • QB
  • , Baltimore Ravens
  • 30
  • 223 lbs
  • 6' 2"
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Scouting report

by Brandon Niles

BAL QB Robert Griffin III - Week 17 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 17 vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

Robert Griffin III will get the start this week against the Steelers with the Ravens having locked up the number one seed in the conference. However, he’s a long way from being a reliable fantasy option, and it’s not a great matchup against a Steelers team that is tied for fourth in aFPA to opposing quarterbacks. In a tough matchup, it’s too risky to bank on him in the championship game. Sit him.

by Jordan Heck

CLE QB Robert Griffin III - Week 17, 2016 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 17 vs. Pittsburgh
Robert Griffin III will get yet another chance to play bad football this week, as he’s been named the starter after being medically cleared to play. In four starts, Griffin has amazingly not thrown a touchdown pass for Cleveland, although he has ran in two scores. He also hasn’t surpasses 200 passing yards in any of his starts.

Not only is he an awful choice, but he gets a pretty tough matchup this week against the Steelers. Pittsburgh has allowed the fourth-fewest fantasy points to opposing quarterbacks this season.

The only chance for RGIII to have success is if the Steelers bench the majority of their starters, which is possible. But there’s really no reason to play Griffin this week in fantasy.

by Jordan Heck

CLE QB Robert Griffin III - Week 16, 2016 Fantasy Football Outlook

Robert Griffin III - Week 16 vs. San Diego
Robert Griffin III hasn't thrown a touchdown as a member of the Browns in his three starts this season. He's rushed for a score in consecutive weeks, but that isn't always a reliable method of scoring. Griffin was so bad last week, Hue Jackson wasn't sure if he wanted to continue starting him. But then he remembered none of his quarterbacks are good.

This week, Griffin will probably struggle against the tough Chargers defense. Griffin would likely struggle on any given week, but a date with San Diego's defense is especially worrisome.

If you made it to the fantasy title game this week, then you made enough smart decisions to know you shouldn't start RGIII.

by Jordan Heck

CLE QB Robert Griffin III - Week 15, 2016 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 15 vs. Buffalo
Robert Griffin III looked terrible last week in his return to the starting lineup. He completed just 43 percent of his passes for an ugly 104 yards with no touchdowns and one interception. He did add 31 yards and a touchdown on the ground, making up for his miserable passing stats.

This week, Griffin faces a Bills defense that has played well in their four games since the bye week. In that stretch, Buffalo has allowed just 203 passing yards per game and five touchdowns.

Considering RGIII's poor play and the Bills' improved pass defense, it's best to just stay away from the Browns' QB this week.

by Jordan Heck

CLE QB Robert Griffin III - Week 14, 2016 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 14 vs. Cincinnati
Robert Griffin III will make his return this week after missing most of the season due to injury. You might be intrigued to pick up the quarterback with rushing skills, but this is a huge risk, especially in the fantasy playoffs.

The Bengals aren't exactly a favorable matchup, and RGIII has a long history of getting hurt. Yeah he's cleared to play, but that doesn't guarantee he won't get hurt again. Plus, Browns quarterbacks haven't had much success this season, so there's nothing to indicate Griffin will be different.

Griffin will be an extremely risky play, and ultimately shouldn't be on your fantasy radar.

by Jordan Heck

CLE QB Robert Griffin III - Week 1, 2016 Fantasy Football Outlook

Robert Griffin III - Week 1 vs. Philadelphia
Robert Griffin III took a year off as Washington's No. 3 quarterback last year, and now he's ready to try and recapture the magic of his rookie season. He has a decent situation in Cleveland with rookie Corey Coleman and the athletic QB-turned-WR Terrelle Pryor. Both guys can stretch the field, so expect RGIII to take some deep shots down the field.

For the most part, Griffin played well in the preseason, but we all know it's the regular season that counts. It's difficult to trust any Browns quarterback these days, but there's enough promise in RGIII to make him an interesting play in Week 1. He even has a great matchup against Philadelphia.

Griffin is unpredictable, which is why he should be viewed as a QB2 option this week.

by Jordan Heck

CLE QB Robert Griffin III - 2016 Fantasy Football Outlook

Fantasy Upside
Robert Griffin III essentially took last year off from football as he was inactive for all 16 of the Redskins games in 2015. Now he’s healthy, fresh and is ready to begin his new career in Cleveland. There’s no way of knowing for sure how RGIII is now, but we know what he was just a few years ago, and that was a dynamic playmaker.

In his rookie season, he ran for 815 yards, and looked to be a future fantasy star. Then injuries cut his playing time down, and Kirk Cousins was a better fit for Jay Gruden’s offense, so Griffin took a backseat.

He’s not guaranteed to be the starting quarterback, but reports claim the Browns are all-in on having Griffin succeed. If he can recapture what he did as a rookie, then he certainly will.

Helping him will be rookie Corey Coleman and last year’s surprise at tight end, Gary Barnidge. Dynamic wideout Josh Gordon can also apply for reinstatement on August 1, which gives him the possibility of rejoining the Browns should he stay clean. Coleman, Barnidge, Gordon and even running back Duke Johnson could be enough to help Griffin excel during his first year with the Browns.

Fantasy Downside
Reports from Cleveland’s early practices say Griffin looks terrible. Perhaps the year off has him a bit rusty. He needed to get out of Washington, but there’s no guarantee Cleveland is the best landing spot for him.

Even his potentially great weapons have question marks. Coleman is a rookie who may need some time adapting to the professional level. Barnidge is a one-year wonder and we haven’t seen him be good for multiple seasons. Even if Gordon is reinstated, there’s a chance the Browns will try and trade him. We don’t even know if Griffin is going to be the starter in Cleveland, as coach Hue Jackson won’t say for sure who will top the depth chart.

Bottom Line
Griffin is an interesting player to pay attention to because we all know about his potential. But we haven’t seen him at that top level in years, and there’s not a lot of confidence in this Browns offense to make us fall in love with RGIII. There’s so much uncertainty surrounding Griffin.

There’s nothing on paper we can point to and say “this makes Griffin worth taking.” Everything about him is having faith that he’ll be able to overcome his injuries, thrive in Hue Jackson’s offense and hope Coleman can produce and Gordon gets reinstated. Unless something dramatic changes before the season, we have to view Griffin on the very low end of quarterback options this year.

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