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Scouting report

by Chris Kucharski

NYJ RB La'Mical Perine - Week 11 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 11 at Los Angeles Chargers

Maybe the bye week will help the Jets get their act together on offense. Veteran Joe Flacco will be at quarterback and LaMical Perine will be the starting tailback. He has averaged 10 touches over his last three games. That number is low because Frank Gore is still getting on the field. Until the Jets hand the running game to Perine full time, expect this to continue.

The Jets face the Chargers who are 17th in aFPA to running backs. It's about volume with Perine. If he gets more touches, he will have the fantasy numbers to increase his value. For now, he can be helpful for Week 11 as a high-end RB3 or Flex in all league formats.

by Chris Kucharski

NYJ RB La'Mical Perine - Week 9 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 9 vs. New England
LaMical Perine has averaged 10 touches per game over the last three weeks, but the fantasy numbers haven't really helped anyone. That's more of a reflection of the Jets' bad offense than Perine. They like the rookie so he should keep getting those touches but don't expect the results to be any better.

Perine will face the Patriots who are 23rd in aFPA to running backs. The Jets offense might actually have a chance to have some success at home against a struggling defense.

Perine does have some value as a low-end RB3 or flex. If he can get some more touches, he will help your team on Monday. It's a bit risky because it is the Jets, but Perine has plenty of potential.

by Chris Kucharski

NYJ RB La'Mical Perine - Week 8 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 8 at Kansas City
The Jets might finally be conceding that it is time to give LaMical Perine more time on the field and touches overall. He had 22 touches over the last two games and although veteran Frank Gore clearly is still in the mix, the Jets might as well see what the rookie back has to offer and we have seen that over the last two games.

Perine will face the Chiefs who are ranked 22nd in aFPA to running backs. If Perine can work his way up to 15 touches per game, he should have value even on a bad offense.

Start Perine in both standard and PPR leagues as a low-end RB3 or flex. The Jets have to get offense from somewhere and Perine has some ability so expect some decent numbers.

by Chris Kucharski

NYJ RB La'Mical Perine - Week 7 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 7 vs. Buffalo
LaMical Perine tied his season-high with nine touches last week and was on the field for 58% of his snaps which is the highest amount this season. The Jets are sticking with veteran RB Frank Gore because of his experience, but expect Perine to start seeing double-digit touches moving forward as those snaps turn into better results.

The Jets face the Bills who are 19th in aFPA to running backs. The Chiefs had their way in the running game against Buffalo so maybe the Jets will try to mirror that performance.

Perine should remain on the bench but should be on the radar as he gets more playing time and more touches. The problem is he is still on the Jets which is a negative overall.

by Chris Kucharski

NYJ RB La'Mical Perine - Week 6 Fantasy Football Outlook

Week 6 at Miami
Keep an eye on this kid as the Jets like LaMical Perine and they definitely know veteran Frank Gore is not their future. Will that amount to more carries for Perine? We think eventually yes, but don't know when. If you have an extra roster spot, you can pick him before he does have that breakout game as far as touches are concerned. Then you won't have to fight the waiver wire to get him because we do think Perine will eventually be the starter for New York this season.

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