DraftKings Week 3 GPP Breakdown

DraftKings Week 3 GPP Breakdown

Before we get started, a word on Travis Benjamin, who I suspect may be over-owned this weekend. An unsustainable three of his six receptions have gone for 50-plus yards. Last year, only four receivers had more 50-plus yard receptions all season: DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Jordy Nelson, and Odell Beckham. Insert Benjamin's name into that list, and one is not like the others.

Last week's winning Millionaire Maker entry came from TheDuganBrothers, who rode two three-TD games -- both from players under seven percent owned -- to victory.

TheDuganBrothers' strategy was pretty standard: field an inexpensive QB and two inexpensive RBs, and focus on nailing receivers. He did just that, as all of his wideouts went for at least 33 points.

As usual, I'll attempt to get a read on this week's DraftKings ownership by gleaning info from Thursday's FanDuel ownership as seen in my Ownership Outlook column (DraftKings doesn't allow users to see ownership in advance). Below, I'll focus on players that I believe to be strong a tournament plays based on multi-touchdown upside and low projected ownership. I won't go into many -- if any -- chalk plays (read: Patriots); they're all justifiable GPP options (except the aforementioned Benjamin), but you won't take down the entire tournament without hitting on some low-owned plays -- in essence, this week's version of Benjamin.


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Passing Game

In my FanDuel GPP Breakdown, I led off this section with what turned out to be a rant. Due to similar pricing on the two sites for the players involved, the same applies here on DraftKings. So, rather than rewrite it (laziness FTW), I'll re-post what I wrote in the FanDuel column below, with minimal updates to reflect DraftKings pricing and scoring.

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