Perfect Draft Series: Drafting 7th in a 12 Team League

Perfect Draft Series: Drafting 7th in a 12 Team League

By Andy Rioux (4for4 Scout), on Aug 22, 2013

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Andy has been contributing to as a Scout since 2007. Andy is a graduate of the prestigious University of Missouri School of Journalism. If you are ever at a draft with Andy, don't be surprised if he's the first one to take a wide receiver! 

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Recently, PC Drafter and I teamed up to conquer a 10-team, PPR league, where we had the fourth overall pick. This time around, we’re in a 12-team, standard format, and we’ll be picking seventh.

While the scoring rules are different, the roster configuration is the same as in our previous exercise. Teams will start 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, and 1 defense. Teams are allowed to draft no more than two quarterbacks, two kickers, two tight ends, two defenses, five wide receivers, and five running backs. The draft will last 16 rounds.

The scoring is based on Yahoo’s default scoring rules, which match the most common league rules used in their leagues.

Here are the scoring rules for offensive players:

Passing/Rushing/Receiving/Return Touchdowns = 6 Points
Passing Yards = 1 Point every 25 Yards
Rushing/Receiving Yards = 1 Point every 10 Yards
Interceptions = -1 Points
Fumbles = -2 Points
2 Point Conversions = 2 Points

The scoring rules for defensive teams are:

Defensive/Special Teams Touchdowns = 6 Points
Interceptions/Fumble Recoveries = 2 Points
Sacks = 1 Point
Safeties = 2 Points
Shutouts = 10 Points
1-10 Points Allowed = 7 Points
11-20 Points Allowed = 3 Points
21+ Points Allowed = -1 Points

The scoring rules for kickers are:

Extra Points = 1 Point
Field Goals = 3 Points
Long Field Goals = 2 Bonus Points

With the 3WR requirement once again in play, we’ll once again be going after receivers early, especially given the position is a bit top-heavy in my estimation. This may not be everyone’s preferred draft strategy, but I always feel owners need to have an open mind on draft day. Although some might want to run me off the fantasy earth for such a mindset, it’s my earth too and PC and I will be out to conquer it.

Did we conquer it? Let’s find out:

Pick 1.7 Marshawn Lynch
I’m going to be honest and say Lynch isn’t who I was dreaming of drafting. Unfortunately, it wasn’t all that realistic to expect Adrian Peterson, Doug Martin, Arian Foster, Jamaal Charles, C.J. Spiller, or Calvin Johnson to fall to our spot. None of the other receivers out there are worth picking this high, and with quarterback being deep, it’s best to pass on one now. PC wants Lynch, and in the end I can live with that. He gives us a lead back and a good one.

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