2011 NFL Coaching Turnover

While it's been a slow off-season in terms of player movement, there has been plenty of movement on NFL coaching staffs. After only 3 Head Coaching changes before last season, plenty of coaches found themselves on the hot seat in 2010. This ultimately resulted in 8 Head Coaching changes heading into 2011. In addition, we have some new faces at the all-important Offensive Coordinator position.

When all was said & done the Panthers, Browns, Broncos, Raiders, 49ers & Titans all chose to go in new directions at Head Coach while the Cowboys & Vikings removed the interim tags from their guys. 

To help get you back up to speed, here's a quick review by team. These changes are vitally important to fantasy football owners and lay a solid foundation in prepping for the 2011 Fantasy Football season.


Arizona Cardinals

Head Coach Ken Whisenhunt - starts his 5th year as AZ's Head Coach. Offensive Coordinator - Mike Miller along with assistance from highly experienced Russ Grimm. Team coaching staff has significant ties to the Bill Cowher Steelers teams.

2010 Pass/Rush: 63.7%/36.3% - Pass/Rush TDs: 10/9 - Yds/Catch: 11.5 - Yds/Rush: 4.3


Atlanta Falcons

Head Coach Mike Smith - entering his 4th season. Smith has led the Falcons to three straight winning records and playoff appearances in 2008 and 2010. Offensive Coordinator - Mike Mularkey - is highly experienced and has also been a head coach in the NFL. In addition, Mularkey was successful as an OC with the Steelers.

2010 Pass/Rush: 53.7%/46.3% - Pass/Rush TDs: 28/14 - Yds/Catch: 10.3 - Yds/Rush: 3.8


Baltimore Ravens

Head Coach John Harbaugh - entering his 4th season as the Head Coach in Baltimore, Harbaugh learned under Eagles HC Andy Reid and has led the Ravens to the playoffs in each of his 3 seasons as HC. Offensive Coordinator Cam Cameron - a proven NFL OC, Cameron is largely in control of the team's offensive play calling.

2010 Pass/Rush: 50.2%/49.8% - Pass/Rush TDs: 25/11 - Yds/Catch: 11.8 - Yds/Rush: 3.8


Buffalo Bills

Head Coach Chan Gailey - returning to the NFL as a head coach in 2010, Chan Gailey will look to continue to revive a struggling offense in his 2nd season in Buffalo. Gailey was hired for his offensive mind and has held various OC jobs in the past. While he has run a shotgun-oriented attack in the past, Gailey has expressed that establishing a good running game is at the core of his offensive beliefs. Offensive Coordinator Curtis Modkins - 2nd year OC, former Cardinals RBs coach.

2010 Pass/Rush: 56.5%/43.5% - Pass/Rush TDs: 24/6 - Yds/Catch: 11.4 - Yds/Rush: 4.3


Carolina Panthers

Head Coach Ron Rivera - finally gets a shot at a head coaching gig after successful stints as defensive coordinator for the Bears and Chargers. Offensive Coordinator - Rob Chudzinski comes over with Rivera from San Diego where he was a TE coach. It should be noted that Chudzinski served as the Browns OC in 2007 when Derek Anderson, Kellen Winslow & Braylon Edwards all posted career best numbers.

2010 Pass/Rush: 53.1%/46.9% - Pass/Rush TDs: 9/7 - Yds/Catch: 10.3 - Yds/Rush: 4.3


Chicago Bears

Head Coach Lovie Smith - proven veteran in his 7th year with the Bears, Lovie got himself off the hot seat in 2010 with an NFC North title. Offensive Coordinator Mike Martz - enters his 2nd year as Chicago's OC. While Martz entered 2010 with big expectations for his pass heavy system, the Bears lead a fairly balanced attack behind one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL.

2010 Pass/Rush: 52.9%/47.1% - Pass/Rush TDs: 23/10 - Yds/Catch: 12.3 - Yds/Rush: 3.9


Cincinati Bengals

Head Coach Marvin Lewis - in his 8th season with the Bengals, finds himself back on the hot seat after a 4-12 2010 campaign. Offensive Coordinator - Jay Gruden enters his rookie year as the Bengals OC after a year in the UFL. Gruden will bring a West Coast style to Cincinnati and will mold the offense to his personnel strengths, stating that he intends to pound the ball.

2010 Pass/Rush: 58.0%/42.0% - Pass/Rush TDs: 26/8 - Yds/Catch: 10.9 - Yds/Rush: 3.6


Cleveland Browns

Head Coach Pat Shurmur - Shurmur replaces Eric Mangini as the handpicked Holmgren solution to install a West Coast system in Cleveland. Shurmur spent the past two season as the Rams OC. Offensive Coordinator - no OC has been named, but Shurmur is expected to call plays with QB coach Mark Whipple heavily involved.

2010 Pass/Rush: 53.6%/46.4% - Pass/Rush TDs: 13/13 - Yds/Catch: 10.9 - Yds/Rush: 3.8


Dallas Cowboys

Head Coach Jason Garrett - Garrett was promoted from OC to interim coach mid-way through the 2010 season and had the interim tag lifted shortly after the season concluded. Garrett was considered one of the better OCs in the league and his promotion lends to stability in the Cowboys offensive system. Offensive Coordinator - none has been named with Garrett expected to call plays.

2010 Pass/Rush: 57.5%/42.5% - Pass/Rush TDs: 29/10 - Yds/Catch: 11.1 - Yds/Rush: 4.2


Denver Broncos

Head Coach John Fox comes over from Carolina, replacing a fired Josh McDaniels. Fox is expected to bring his conservative play-calling and run-heavy attack to Denver. Offensive Coordinator - Mike McCoy stays on in Denver and has a history with John Fox, having spent 6 years as a QB coach in Carolina.

2010 Pass/Rush: 59.4%/40.6% - Pass/Rush TDs: 25/13 - Yds/Catch: 12.9 - Yds/Rush: 3.9


Detroit Lions

Head Coach Jim Schwartz - 3rd year NFL Head Coach with a focus on defense. Offensive Coordinator Scott Linehan - is the primary play caller and led one of the most pass-happy attacks in the NFL in 2010.

2010 Pass/Rush: 61.0%/39.0% - Pass/Rush TDs: 26/11 - Yds/Catch: 10.4 - Yds/Rush: 4.0


Green Bay Packers

Head Coach Mike McCarthy - in his 6th year as the Head Coach, not the type that makes many changes. Expect the powerful offensive attack to continue. Offensive Coordinator Joe Philbin - 5th season in this role.

2010 Pass/Rush: 56.2%/43.8% - Pass/Rush TDs: 31/11 - Yds/Catch: 12.4 - Yds/Rush: 3.8


Houston Texans

Head Coach Gary Kubiak - former Denver OC, now in his 6th season as the Texans head man. He has a heavy hand in the offense. Offensive Coordinator Rick Dennison - now in his 2nd year with Houston, Dennison & Kubiak come from the same system in Denver.

2010 Pass/Rush: 57.6%/42.4% - Pass/Rush TDs: 24/20 - Yds/Catch: 12.0 - Yds/Rush: 4.9


Indianapolis Colts

Head Coach Jim Caldwell - now in his 3rd season, Caldwell set the record for most consecutive wins to start a coaching career at 14 before losing to the Saints in Superbowl XLVI. Offensive Coordinator Clyde Christensen - in his 2nd year as OC after being promoted from WRs coach. Long time OC Tom Moore was heavily involved last season as an offensive assistant but quietly left the Colts this season when his contract expired. Don't expect much change in the offense attack with Peyton Manning at the helm. Manning might as well have a share of the OC title in Indy.

2010 Pass/Rush: 63.4%/36.6% - Pass/Rush TDs: 33/13 - Yds/Catch: 10.4 - Yds/Rush: 3.8


Jacksonville Jaguars

Head Coach Jack Del Rio - in his 9th season as head coach. Offensive Coordinator Dirk Koetter - 5th season as OC. Koetter has been known for his expertise in the passing game, but ran one of the most run heavy attacks in the NFL in 2010.

2010 Pass/Rush: 47.8%/52.2% - Pass/Rush TDs: 26/14 - Yds/Catch: 11.5 - Yds/Rush: 4.7


Kansas City Chiefs

Head Coach Todd Haley - now in his 3rd season as NFL head coach. Haley has 16 years experience in the NFL including his recent stint as the Arizona Cardinals OC. Offensive Coordinator Bill Muir - former OL coach promoted to OC by Todd Haley. While Haley hasn't officially announced who will be calling plays, Haley is expected to retain play-calling duties after the departure of Charlie Weiss last season with Muir helping in a game-planning capacity.

2010 Pass/Rush: 46.2%/53.8% - Pass/Rush TDs: 27/12 - Yds/Catch: 11.6 - Yds/Rush: 4.7


Miami Dolphins

Head Coach Tony Sparano - returns for his 4th season as the Dolphins HC. Preaches the need for a strong running game. Offensive Coordinator Brian Daboll - enters his 1st season as Dolphins OC after serving in the same capacity under Eric Mangini in Cleveland last season.

2010 Pass/Rush: 55.7%/44.3% - Pass/Rush TDs: 17/8 - Yds/Catch: 11.2 - Yds/Rush: 3.7


Minnesota Vikings

Head Coach Leslie Frasier - defensive coordinator turned interim HC last season has shed the interim tag in 2011. Offensive Coordinator - Bill Musgrave is in his first year, coming over from the Atlanta Falcons. Musgrave's main challenge will be developing the Vikings rookie QB Christian Ponder.

2010 Pass/Rush: 53.3%/46.7% - Pass/Rush TDs: 14/16 - Yds/Catch: 10.9 - Yds/Rush: 4.4


New England Patriots

Head Coach Bill Belichick - in his 12th season as the Pats Head Coach. Much of the league has been trying to copy him for years now. Offensive Coordinator Bill O'Brien - now officially tagged as the Patriots OC after previously handling play-calling duties as a QB coach.

2010 Pass/Rush: 52.8%/47.2% - Pass/Rush TDs: 37/19 - Yds/Catch: 12.2 - Yds/Rush: 4.3


New Orleans Saints

Head Coach Sean Payton - aggressive and creative offensive minded Head Coach in his 6th season with the Saints. Offensive Coordinator Pete Carmichael - in his 3rd year as Saints OC. HC Payton has a heavy hand in the offense.

2010 Pass/Rush: 63.5%/36.5% - Pass/Rush TDs: 33/9 - Yds/Catch: 10.3 - Yds/Rush: 4.0


New York Giants

Head Coach Tom Coughlin - veteran HC in his 8th season with the Giants. Offensive Coordinator Kevin Gilbride - 5th season as Giants OC.

2010 Pass/Rush: 52.9%/47.1% - Pass/Rush TDs: 31/17 - Yds/Catch: 11.8 - Yds/Rush: 4.6


New York Jets

Head Coach Rex Ryan - 3rd year HC for the Jets after a surprising 2009 campaign and an equally impressive 2010. Ryan was the Ravens Defensive Coordinator for four seasons and is a good fit for the NY media. Offensive Coordinator Brian Schottenheimer - retained by Rex Ryan, he's in his 6th season as the Jets OC.

2010 Pass/Rush: 49.6%/50.4% - Pass/Rush TDs: 20/14 - Yds/Catch: 11.9 - Yds/Rush: 4.4


Oakland Raiders

Head Coach Hue Jackson - brought in last season as OC largely for his ability to develop QBs. Jackson was promoted to HC after the inevitable firing of Tom Cable. Jackson is a firm believer in Jason Campbell & Campbell should benefit from a year of consistency in the same offensive system. Offensive Coordinator Al Saunders - in his 1st season with the Raiders, should help the passing game while Jackson remains the play-caller.

2010 Pass/Rush: 49.5%/50.5% - Pass/Rush TDs: 18/19 - Yds/Catch: 12.4 - Yds/Rush: 5.0


Philadelphia Eagles

Head Coach Andy Reid - in his 13th season as Eagles Head Coach. Offensive Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg - like Reid, Mornhinweg is another long-time disciple of the West Coast offensive system.

2010 Pass/Rush: 56.8%/43.2% - Pass/Rush TDs: 28/18 - Yds/Catch: 12.1 - Yds/Rush: 5.5


Pittsburgh Steelers

Head Coach Mike Tomlin - in his 5th season as the Steelers HC, the Super Bowl winning coach is in his prime. Offensive Coordinator Bruce Arians - also in his 5th year, a valuable part of the Steelers team. The Steelers have opened up the offense somewhat with the maturation of Ben Roethlisberger but remain a run-heavy team.

2010 Pass/Rush: 50.4%/49.6% - Pass/Rush TDs: 21/15 - Yds/Catch: 13.1 - Yds/Rush: 4.1


San Diego Chargers

Head Coach Norv Turner - a journeyman HC now in his 5th season with the Chargers. Offensive Coordinator Clarence Shelmon - also in his 5th season with SD. The Chargers offense has shifted to more of a pass-heavy attack over the past few seasons.

2010 Pass/Rush: 54.4%/45.6% - Pass/Rush TDs: 30/18 - Yds/Catch: 13.2 - Yds/Rush: 3.9


Seattle Seahawks

Head Coach Pete Carroll - now in his 2nd season with the Seahawks, Carroll comes from USC where he spent the previous 10 years as the Trojans HC. Before that Carroll had a 27-21 record over 3 years with the Patriots. Offensive Coordinator Darrell Bevell - is in his first season after coming over from the Vikings. He brings a West Coast background to the offense and will look to install a shorter passing game along with a heavier run attack with the help of Assistant HC Tom Cable.

2010 Pass/Rush: 58.6%/41.4% - Pass/Rush TDs: 14/13 - Yds/Catch: 10.9 - Yds/Rush: 3.7


San Francisco 49ers

Head Coach Jim Harbaugh - after extensive off-season courting, the 49ers landed their man in Stanford HC Jim Harbaugh. Harbaugh has promised to bring a type of West Coast Offense to San Francisco. Offensive Coordinator Greg Roman - Roman comes over from Stanford with Harbaugh and brings with him a creative, run oriented attack. Roman along with Harbaugh will be charged with developing rookie QB Colin Kaepernick‎ and likely working with what they have in Alex Smith.

2010 Pass/Rush: 55.5%/44.5% - Pass/Rush TDs: 19/10 - Yds/Catch: 12.8 - Yds/Rush: 4.1


St. Louis Rams

Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo - returning for his 3rd year as head coach, Spagnuolo is a defensive minded coach and served as the Giants DC for several years. Offensive Coordinator Josh McDaniels - enters his first year as Rams OC after a short lived run as the Broncos HC. McDaniels aims for a balanced yet aggressive attack, while game-planning specifically for each opponent. McDaniels led one of the league's most pass-happy attacks in Denver last season, aided by a porous defense.

2010 Pass/Rush: 57.9%/42.1% - Pass/Rush TDs: 18/9 - Yds/Catch: 9.9 - Yds/Rush: 3.7


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Head Coach Raheem Morris - 3rd year NFL head coach with no other head coaching experience to speak of, Morris has held various positions working mainly as a defensive assistant. Offensive Coordinator Greg Olson - Olsen returns for his 3rd season after being promoted from QBs coach before the final preseason game of 2009.

2010 Pass/Rush: 53.4%/46.6% - Pass/Rush TDs: 26/9 - Yds/Catch: 11.6 - Yds/Rush: 4.6


Tennessee Titans

Head Coach Mike Munchak - Munchak was promoted to HC from OL coach, a position he held for the past 14 season under HC Jeff Fisher. Expect Munchak to continue to emphasize the ground game as HC. Offensive Coordinator Chris Palmer - in his first year with the Titans, Palmer has 20 years of NFL experience developing QBs Eli Manning & Tony Romo among others.

2010 Pass/Rush: 53.9%/46.1% - Pass/Rush TDs: 24/13 - Yds/Catch: 12.0 - Yds/Rush: 4.3


Washington Redskins

Head Coach Mike Shannahan - in his 2nd season with the Redskins after a year out of coaching. Shannahan coached 12 years for the Broncos and is known for a run-heavy West Coast offense, although 2010 found the Redskins as one of the pass-heaviest teams in the league. Offensive Coordinator Kyle Shannahan - 2nd year with the Redskins the son of HC Mike Shannahan, comes over from the Houston Texans. Kyle runs a West Coast offense which is much less run-oriented than his father's version, posting a 63%/37% split in 2010.

2010 Pass/Rush: 63.4%/36.6% - Pass/Rush TDs: 21/9 - Yds/Catch: 12.2 - Yds/Rush: 4.2

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