EDGE Boost: Promo Code, Boost Your Bets, and More

Jan 03, 2024
EDGE Boost: Promo Code, Boost Your Bets, and More

Are you a sports bettor who is looking to get a boost for your bets? EDGE Boost allows you to double down on your bets with no upfront fees and 0% interest.

Here are the details on an EDGE Boost promo code, how it works, and more.

EDGE Boost Promo

Boost Your Bets up to $500 with EDGE Boost!

What Exactly is EDGE Boost?

EDGE Boost (VISA Partner) is the first Bet Now Pay Later program that allows sports bettors to double down on their bets and pay the boosted money back over four weeks. Make a deposit with EDGE Boost and it will be matched to double your bet. Then, you can use that money to bet with your favorite sportsbooks.

Over the span of four weeks, you pay EDGE Boost for the boosted money with 0% interest. EDGE doesn’t charge the user fees as it makes money from the VISA transaction fees.

Best EDGE Boost Promo Link

Click "sign up" below to use the promo link for $500 in advance credit.

EDGE Boost Promo

Boost Your Bets up to $500 with EDGE Boost!

With EDGE Boost, new users start by getting boosts of $50 and have to work their way up by using the platform to reach higher tiers for deposits. With this EDGE Boost promo link, you can start at the $500 level! That means your first deposit can be up to $500 and EDGE Boost will match that deposit. You pay back the boost in four equal payments.

Use EDGE Boost for Sports Betting

Let's dive a little deeper into how it works. EDGE Boost gives you boosted money to double your bet. Then you pay off the boosted money later over four weeks. There are tiers up to $2,500. The more you use EDGE Boost and make your payments, the more you can deposit.

Assuming you use our promo code, you can deposit up to $500. For example, you decide to deposit $300. EDGE Boost matches it with $300. You get a virtual VISA debit card that is loaded up with the $600 for you to place your bets. You take the virtual VISA debit card information and use it as a deposit option with your sportsbook.

Back on EDGE Boost, you will have to pay back the boosted $300 you received in four equal payments. That would be $75 a week with no interest. If you make an early payment to pay off the entire amount, there can be a small fee but it will increase your limit.

Getting Started with EDGE Boost

You have to be at least 21 years old to use the platform. This is the same as most legal sportsbooks across the US that require users to be 21 years old. To sign up, EDGE Boost will need to verify your identity with your name, birthday, address, social security number, and more. This helps to finalize your account and make sure it's secure.

Once you make a deposit, EDGE Boost will match your deposit on your prepaid virtual card. Then you are free to use the card at the top sportsbooks that accept this option.

Using Your Virtual EDGE Boost Card

Using your virtual card is similar to using a debit or credit card. You make your deposit with ACH on EDGE Boost to load up the card. Then, you use the card information as a deposit option on sportsbooks like DraftKings, FanDuel, etc. Deposit the money from the card into your sportsbook and start making your bets.

Remember, on EDGE Boost, you will have to pay back the boosted money you received over four weeks with 0% interest.

Sportsbooks Allowing EDGE Boost

The great news about the EDGE Boost VISA card is that you can use it with all the sportsbooks available in the US. In addition, the card can be used at all daily fantasy sites as well.

More Details on EDGE Boost

As you can see, EDGE Boost is a great platform for sports bettors. It also gives you control over universal daily limits, access to a betting calculator, tracks your betting transfers, and more. Get on EDGE Boost right now to check out your options to start doubling down on your bets.

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