Connor Allen: 4 Week 8 Player Props I'm Betting

Oct 29, 2021
Connor Allen: 4 Week 8 Player Props I'm Betting

As the legalization of sports betting continues to explode, more and more people are diving into a new way of speculating on sports. For those just starting off, I broke down some of the basics in my gambling 101 piece. Among every category of bets, player props remain the most beatable in the long run. Last year, I hit 59% of my bets for +35 units on the season. The two years prior were much of the same, hitting 57% and 58%, respectively, of my player props for profitable seasons. I have improved every year and think that trend will continue with new tools. I’ve already fired off a handful of bets for Week 8 and will be adding more here. If you are a betting subscriber, it is vital to be in our Discord. We have it set up so that you can get push notifications for the plays our staff posts. Just go to role assign, then scroll up and click the little circus emoji under “Prop Stars.” If you want general NFL betting notifications, go to role assign and then click the football emoji.

Week 7 Recap: *Queue Chance the Rapper’s, All We Got* And we back. And we back, and we back…

What a week. Week 7 was truly a time to be alive, as we went 13-4 and ripped off 8.72 units. This was our fourth straight profitable week after a dreadful start to the year. What’s crazy is we were very very close to going 15-2. Damien Harris had 14 carries heading into the fourth quarter against Houston. Because they were winning by so much he didn’t get a single carry the rest of the game. All we needed was one. Brutal. The other one was Jared Goff under 267.5 passing yards. The Rams had the ball with a little over a minute left and just needed one more first down to run out the clock and end the game. Rather than trying to be even the least bit aggressive and get the first down to ensure a win, they ran the ball into the teeth of a stacked front on third down and predictably gained no yards, settling for a field goal try (cowards). I was hoping they missed out of spite because at that point I knew the bet was almost certainly dead. Jared Goff had 244 passing yards prior to getting the ball back. After getting it back he completed a long pass to get him to 266 passing yards. There was still hope he would mess up. The next play he completed a short pass to D’Andre Swift, who somehow managed to turn a loss into 2 yards. The under was done, but to add injury to insult, Jared Goff threw an interception on the very next play. It’s like the prop gods not only wanted to watch us lose but then also made sure we only lost by half a yard. I think I refreshed ESPN 25 times afterward to make sure there wasn’t even a minor stat correction. All in all, it was an awesome week and I’m excited to dive into my favorite bets for Week 8…

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Week 8 Player Prop Bets

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