2021 NFL Rookie Rankings

Dec 21, 2021
2021 NFL Rookie Rankings

The wonderful (and maddening) thing about fantasy football is that there is no exact right way to win. Some people swear by certain draft and roster strategies, others believe firmly in their ability to scout better than others, and others dive into individual analytics and stats. Each of these methods has won fantasy championships in the past, and each of them certainly values players differently than the others.

In dynasty fantasy football, the differences between individuals' methods and rankings become even more starkly clear. This format, where you hope to assemble a consistently competitive roster for multiple seasons, pushes your own biases and values to the forefront.

That's what I want you, dear reader, to know as you view our Top 50 Dynasty Rookie Rankings: these do come with individual bias (albeit bias that has been influenced by studying and playing the format for many years) about what I think makes a successful dynasty team. In addition, this isn't an ADP ranking or some other measure of a player's current value in the dynasty trade market. I assembled these rankings with an eye toward projecting where players should be valued in the long term, not describing where they are right now.

There will be players our rankings value very differently than you or others in the industry, and that shouldn't be cause for confusion. If you find a player ranked like that, maybe that presents an opportunity for you to trade for them or trade them away before your league-mates even see it coming. Let these rankings and tiers be a guide to your process; more information is never a bad thing in dynasty fantasy football.

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