Niche Site (Yahoo!, FantasyAces, DraftDay) Week 14 Breakdown

Dec 08, 2016
Niche Site (Yahoo!, FantasyAces, DraftDay) Week 14 Breakdown

Below is a breakdown of general strategy on Yahoo!, DraftDay, and FantasyAces. These niche sites offer DFS players the opportunity to "shop around" for the best pricing on a player they may want exposure to in a particular week. Players who offer value because their price is vastly different from the Big 2 sites will be pointed out below.



If you’re looking to target a vulnerable Saints defense (27th in QB aFPA), Jameis Winston ($31) is priced as the QB12 here, but is in the top-eight on the big 2 sites. Andrew Luck ($31) doesn’t have as good of a matchup, but also comes at a major discount.


Unlike the big 2 sites, David Johnson ($40) is the same price as LeVeon Bell and Ezekiel Elliott here.

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