Perfect Draft Series: Drafting 10th in a 12 Team League

Aug 15, 2012
Perfect Draft Series: Drafting 10th in a 12 Team League

Mock Drafts are always fun and when you have PCDrafter at your disposal, it takes it to the next level. I have used PC Drafter to win several leagues in the past and I am true believer. In this part of the preseason, it can give you a pretty good idea of what to expect on your "real" draft day.

Injuries will happen over the next couple weeks. Players will win jobs and lose them. So player values will shift for the good and the bad. Make sure to always use PC Drafter with updated player projections. These projections source directly from and are updated daily this time of year.

Below I'll be conducting my Perfect Draft from the 10th spot of a 12 team PPR league. Our starting rosters consist of 1QB 2RB 2WR 1TE 1K 1DT and quarterbacks score 6 points for passing TDs.

Since this is a PPR league, that also changes some traditional values. My strategy will not change too much except I will value running backs earlier that are part of their team's passing game and high-volume receivers become more valuable. I also want a top tier QB because I have had the most fantasy success when landing one.

Let's get to it...

1.10 Matt Forte, Chicago
PC Drafter has two RBs and two QBs ranked as its next four players. Since I select at the end of the first round and will pick five picks later, I am going to select one of the running backs and hope one of the two QBs falls to me. It won't be a tragedy if it doesn't happen, but it will force me to either reach for another QB with my second round pick or wait to go through the whole draft order and back to me to find my quarterback. PC Drafter recommends Matt Forte and I agree.

2.3 Matthew Stafford, Detroit
Well, my strategy worked and my QB is there. There are some other things to glance at, especially the two big tight ends (Gronk and Graham), but I want a franchise quarterback and I got one of the better young ones.

3.10 Ahmad Bradshaw, NY Giants
PCDrafter is really pushing to me to draft another running back. Reggie Bush and Ahmad Bradshaw are at the top of the list. Michael Turner is available too. I thought about getting my No. 1 wide receiver, but I can wait until the next round since I pick rather quickly. As for which back, we know the Giants are dedicated to running the football and who knows how good or bad Miami will be. I will go with past history and that says Bradshaw.

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