NFL DFS Lineup Optimizer (Generate Up To 500 Lineups)

Generate daily fantasy football lineups with the most accurate projections (now including floor & ceiling projections).

Access to the Lineup Generator requires a DFS Subscription. Not a DFS subscriber? Subscribe today here!

Unlike run-of-the-mill lineup optimizers, 4for4’s revolutionary Lineup Generator allows you to generate every possible lineup combination from a player pool of your choosing.

The Lineup Generator will rank each lineup in order of projected points according to 4for4’s industry-leading projections from FantasyPros’ repeat accuracy champ, John Paulsen.

Filter players to be included in lineups by projected points, salary, points/$ value, spread, over/under, implied team total, home/away, game, team, and/or game time.

The top 500 lineups will be displayed on screen and be saved to a CSV. Now you can quickly and effectively generate the most optimal lineups to enter into multi-entry tournaments!

The Lineup Generator also has the capability to “lock” players in, forcing all generated lineups to include whichever players you lock in -- perfect for creating the optimal lineups around stacks, or just a core of great value plays.

Features include:

  • Floor and ceiling projections
  • An option to choose whether you want to optimize by floor, median, or ceiling projections
  • An "Optimize" button that generates the optimal lineup without having to select a player pool
  • Displayed Vegas odds which the player pool can be filtered by

Building daily fantasy lineups will never be the same!