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Welcome to 4for4 Fantasy Football, home of the most accurate fantasy football rankings since 2010. If you want to win your league this year, you need verified-accurate in season rankings, decision support tools, weekly reports and a little bit of luck. Find out how subscribing to 4for4 Fantasy Football can help you make the playoffs and WIN!

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What's the #1 Thing 4for4 Offers?

Senior Editor, John Paulsen, was named the Most Accurate Fantasy Football Expert by FantasyPros in both 2010 and 2014 and was the runner-up in 2011. In 2012 and 2015, he finished 4th, so he has finished in the top 5 in five of the last six seasons. He also won the FF Librarian/Fantasy Sports Trade Association award for having the most accurate draft rankings of 2011, and FantasyPros determined that John's draft rankings have been the most accurate since 2013.

According to FantasyPros, over the past six seasons no one has been more consistently accurate (in-season) than John: "[Last] year’s first place finish makes Paulsen the only expert to win our in-season competition more than once. And, perhaps most impressively, it also gives him the #1 accuracy rating in all multi-year views over the last 5 seasons. In other words, whether you look back at the last 2, 3, 4, or 5 years, the end result is the same: John Paulsen is the most accurate fantasy football expert."

FREE Live Draft Software (DraftAnalyzer)

You can certainly have a strong draft with your fantasy football acumen and a good old-fashioned paper and pencil. However, with our FREE draft software, you’ll be unstoppable.

Our FREE draft software makes thousands of calculations and sees patterns not humanly possible to find in the sixty seconds you have to make your pick. Your savvy fantasy football mind + our FREE draft software = an unbeatable draft. It’s as if you have a large department of statisticians crunching numbers and offering you an objective suggestion of who to draft.

PLUS, it can pull all your league information and LIVE sync with your ESPN, Yahoo!, MyFantasyLeague, and RT Sports draft!

Available for desktop and mobile devices.

Customize Your Rankings

To create an up-to-date list of 400+ players, customized to your league’s rosters requirements and scoring settings, you need our Full Impact set of tools.

With Full Impact, you don't have to worry about downloading files and messy installations. Just enter your league information online once and you are all set. Our tools are fully integrated and can accommodate all of your leagues with the touch of a button.

Full Impact is all about providing customized analysis for your roster and your league, providing interactive analysis and decision support tools tailored to you.

No more canned reports or "one size fits all" analysis. Even the savviest fantasy football owner will reap significant benefit and time savings using Full Impact.

16 Decision Support Tools

→ Custom Scoring Cheat Sheets - takes your cheat sheets to the next level by allowing you to combine our projections with your scoring rules. It’s all about custom decision support for your needs.
→ Custom Value Based Top-200 Rankings - allows you to combine your scoring rules with our Value Based Rankings to create a fully customized Top-200 list.
→ Custom Scoring Auction League Cheat Sheets - combines your scoring rules with our projections and to give you a fully customizable Auction Cheat Sheet.
→ Top-200 Keeper Rankings - combines your scoring rules with our Keeper Rankings and allows you to specify how important winning now is, versus looking towards the future.
→ Team Evaluator - fill in your starting lineup and another team’s lineup in your league. The Team Evaluator will show you projected points by player and team for your scoring system.
→ Trade Evaluator - fill in your starting lineup before and after a proposed trade to see if you get stronger or weaker. The Trade Evaluator does all the number crunching for you and the results fit your scoring system and your situation.
→ Draft Simulator - provides a custom mock draft simulation. You’ll see how you did and you’ll see how the computer teams made out as well. In addition, the Draft Simulator will analyze your roster in terms of Injury Risk, Playmaking Ability and more. Practice makes perfect.
→ Weekly Assistant Coach (WAC) - provides custom sit/start advice for your scoring system, along with some ideas and hints on how you can increase your odds of victory that week.
→ ADP Draft Planner - scours actual draft data from various sources to provide real-world availability for players at virtually any point in the draft.
→ Top-200 Tool - customize our Top-200 Value Based Rankings (VBR) for your starting lineup and core team needs.
→ Keeper Rankings Tool - customize our generalized Keeper Rankings for your starting lineup and core team needs.
→ Draft Day Bargains Tool: 4for4 vs. ADP - highlights the top draft day bargains for your starting lineup and core team needs.
→ Draft Day Do’s & Don’ts Tool - integrates projected stats, ADP values and competitive analysis into a unique and powerful cheat sheet companion. Delivered in an easy to read round-by-round format, this tool displays bargains and keeps you from overspending.
→ Auction Values Tool - customize our Auction Values for your starting lineup and core team needs.
→ Daily Fantasy Value Reports - designed to help you quickly identify good player values to maximize winning and profitability in Daily Fantasy Football (weekly contests run at sites like FanDuel, DraftKings, Yahoo!).
→ Player Snap App - browse player participation (snap) data from each week of the NFL season.

38 Weekly Reports

Once the season starts, hang on! We keep you competitive and give you an edge all season long, providing you with the following:

→ Customized Weekly Cheat Sheets with Projected Stats
→ Injury Upgrade/Downgrade Movements
→ The RBBC (Running Back by Committee) Report
→ Law of Averages: Team Offense vs. Opponent’s Defense
→ Trader’s Alley - The Art of the Deal
→ Moving Forward - Player Trade Values
→ Whose Schedule Gets Easier? Harder?
→ Waiver Wire Watch
→ Defensive Team by Waiver Wire
→ Quarterback by Waiver Wire
→ Tight End by Waiver Wire
→ Player Waiver Wire Look Ahead
→ Team Defensive Waiver Wire Look Ahead
→ Sunday Last Minute News & Inactives (Who’s Playing, Who’s Out)
→ Weekly Bargains (Identifying Undervalued Players)
→ Favorable/Unfavorable Weekly Player Situation Analysis
→ IDP rankings (by Position and Overall)
→ Cumulative Injury Report
→ Year-To-Date: Sortable Player Stats
→ Consistency Factor
→ Reception Workload & Receiver Go-To Status
→ Player Workload Analysis
→ Evaluate Players with Stud-Bust Analysis
→ Defense: TDs Allowed Distribution Analysis
→ Defense: Yardage Allowed Distribution Analysis
→ Defense: Fantasy Points Allowed by Position
→ Offense: Scoring/Redzone Tendency Analysis
→ Offense: Team Run/Pass and Ball Distribution
→ Sortable Team Offensive Stats
→ Sortable Team Defensive Stats
→ Defensive Matchup Knowledge Seeker
→ Offensive Matchup Knowledge Seeker
→ The Target Report
→ Prediction Accuracy
→ Who’s Exceeding Expectations? Who’s Not?
→ Essential Practice Notes
→ Practice Report by Team
→ Practice Report by Offensive Skill Position

Daily Fantasy Football Content & Value Reports

To access our Value Reports and Lineup Generator, which uses our most accurate projections to build up to 500 daily fantasy football lineups (FanDuel, DraftKings, Yahoo!), you will require our DFS Subscription. The DFS subscription also comes with floor and ceiling projections, top picks and lineups from DFS Expert, Chris Raybon, stack value reports and more.

Our Expert Staff

To be the best, it's important your information and insights come from true football professionals, people that really know the game and people that make their living attending NFL practices and interviewing players.
Our insiders have access, really know football and actively participate in fantasy leagues. This combination allows us to deliver unmatched insights, giving you a huge edge in your league. 

As all experienced fantasy football owners know, injuries are a huge part of the game. Our staff keeps a close eye on injuries throughout the week, updating subscribers on practice participation and IR status. Our visual, color-coded reports provide an instant overview of the significant injuries by team and by position so that fantasy owners can get the information they need quickly and efficiently. We also publish a weekly Upgrade/Downgrade Report which has proven to be a good indicator of player availability.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

We aspire to be the best and most accurate fantasy football service on the web. We are intent on delivering superior products and services to our members and we will use innovation, networking and mathematical principals to continually bring meaningful improvement to our subscribers. 

4for4.com is all about providing you the right information at the right time to help you make the right decisions! We appreciate your interest and support.

We're ready to prove everything we claim. Subscribe right now, and see it for yourself within the next 7 days. If the service does not live up to any of the claims stated here, we'll refund your money. 100% Money-Back Guaranteed.

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