Fantasy Football Testimonials is all about providing you the right information at the right time to help you make the right decisions. For 10+ years we've made it our job to help our subscribers win fantasy football championships. Every year we're rewarded with success stories.

Below is a sampling of the letters we have received.

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Just wanted to thank you again for a great season of very useful information.  My son and I are both in the finals of our respective leagues for the second year in a row... I dominated my league with an overall record of 13-2 and in the money with one more week to go. We use 4for4 from early on in the pre-draft up to the last week of the season.  The information you provide is spot on week after week. Thanks again.

4for4 Subscriber Scott

Congrats on a great season and thank you for all your help this year. Of the 17 leagues I was league champion in 8, 2nd in three, 3rd in one, 4th in two, a 5th in two, and 9th. All of this was done with the help of your site. No one gets it right all the time but you guys get it right more than the rest.

4for4 Subscriber Robert

I just want to thank you for a top notch site. Yours is the best. It helped me win my league going away last year. I led all year 17 weeks straight and after week 3, it was really all over. Your Full Impact section was amazing for my draft preparation. Our league was a hyper-scoring league and by inputting my scoring rules gave me the information I needed to dominate on draft day. I felt like I was TWO picks ahead. After the draft was over, they were asking me "why did you wait until round 7 or 8 to pick up your number two running back". I don't remember what I said, but the real reason was your site told me that he was going unnoticed in most drafts so I trusted your analysis and let him fall while I sucked all the other talent. It worked to perfection.

I saw in a fantasy football magazine this quote, "People hide our magazine from their competitors like a 13 year old boy hides a Playboy". I don't know about that magazine, but that is so true about your site for me. You are on your own in marketing your site because I can't dare tell anyone that I play against about it. It just gives me too good of a competitive edge. I hope you understand.

Once again I just want to thank you for a great fantasy football site and please don't tell my competitors.

4for4 Subscriber Eric

Dude, I've been a believer of for 8 years and you blow them away with rankings alone. 

4for4 Subscriber [name withheld]

League champ here! Thanks for helping me keep up to speed this year.

4for4 Subscriber @bethjohnsonmn

I won 3 of my money leagues using 4for4 and almost won the 4th I participated in (darn-it). Everyone was amazed at how I had first hand info before anyone else, along with making the right decisions after all the weekend games. Member for life... you guys ROCK!

4for4 Subscriber LaMond

CAN YOU SAY CHAMPION? With your help I won the Super Bowl championship from the draft information to the in-season info to the playoffs I read and listened to the advice. I rarely deviated from the intel and it paid off. The great news is that we won it all in one league, I made the playoffs in the other and my wife went to the finals. Great job. The bad news I can't tell the people in my league where I get the great info so I can continue to beat them.

Thanks again and keep up the great work, I know it would not be possible to have the results without 4for4. Money well spent and the return on investment exceeded my expectations

4for4 Subscriber Dutch

Thanks for all your help! Funny story I never shared with you: I did my first draft of the season from a swinger party. So while I was following your picks for the online fantasy draft I was also living out a real fantasy with my girlfriend. It was truly the best fantasy drafting experience of my life.  Thanks again, you've been invaluable.  That night I ended up in bed with 4 beautiful women, and I'm in first place in my division in that league, a true win/win experience!

4for4 Subscriber Kris

I wanted to let you know that I have been a subscriber to your site for many years and have been in the mix for 1st place every year since using you after being mid pack to bottom years prior. Thanks for all of the work and information you put out, it has helped on every aspect of fantasy football from draft to trades and the playoffs.

4for4 Subscriber [name withheld]

I wanted to drop a quick note to you and your staff at 4for4. I was able to win my 2nd  fantasy superbowl in 3 years, and on the off year I was the runner up. Pretty decent considering it was only 3 years ago I started playing fantasy. I contribute a lot of my success to your rankings and gameday analysis on your site. It helps me a tremendous amount with making drafting decisions. Also, this year I used your drafting software and may have had a chance to run the table had Arian foster started playing sooner. Without him I only had 3 losses on the regular season, but the gameday matchups help me a lot in weekly drafting for the playoffs. Thanks for all you do.

4for4 Subscriber Dan

I just won my league championship, my first year playing too! Thanks for the help throughout the season!

4for4 Subscriber @CostaBotsis

I have won a championship every year since using this service for the last four years!

4for4 Subscriber Ricky

This is my 4th year as a 4for4 subscriber and it is a big part of my Fantasy Football success each year. In preparing for drafts, PC Drafter is a great advisor as well as the Mock Draft engine in the Full Impact tools. During the season I love the Waiver Wire articles - especially the strength of schedule analysis that is 2 to 3 weeks out. I also consult the Full Impact tools when setting my line-ups each week to maximize my potential points. I don't always follow the recommendations 100% - but it the projections are by far the best in the biz.

4for4 Subscriber Aaron

Another great season topped with a championship. Your site has so much information and tools to help for the whole season from pre-draft to championship game. Great addition with PC drafter. My seven years of fantasy football have given me 6 trips to the playoffs, 5 championship game appearances, and I've just collected my third title.

And the guys in my league think I scour every publication on football produced each year. I'll never tell them I only have one source for my information.

4for4 Subscriber Sean

BOOM! The email alerts rock!

4for4 Subscriber Doug

Read the article about Orton at the beginning of the season and you guys were the first ones I saw to pimp him, nice call!!

4for4 Subscriber [name withheld]

Out of four leagues this year I have placed 1st in two and 2nd in the other two. Total domination started with the custom rankings at the drafts and continued throughout the year. Now to crush them in the playoff leagues!!!!

4for4 Subscriber Gregg

I've been with 4for4 for 4-5 years now and always feel like you guys offer great info in a no nonsense manner. There is a reason I keep coming back.  You always seem to be tweaking the site to make improvements, which shows that you are not just out there to regurgitate all the same info the other sites give.  You guys give stat analysis options that you can't find anywhere else.

4for4 Subscriber Craig

Hope you guys have a great new year and I continue to dominate my leagues!!!!!

4for4 Subscriber Jason

Thanks again folks for a great eight seasons...7 using your services...I have won the seasons 3 times...and again this year.

I won the season and our playoffs....which is great...I am in a league with some of my bosses and other friends from here at work...It feels really good to beat them and learn in the process what to look for when evaluating players and teams.

Again, thanks for great insite and info into the players and teams...

4for4 Subscriber Ellis

Thank you for maintaining an excellent FF site. I signed up for your
premium membership package just after my three league drafts this year. I wish I had done it before the drafts, because things didn't go exactly well with my picks. I had a good base of talent in each league, though, and using 4for4's predictions and insights, I was able to trade for considerable strength. I ended up in the playoffs in each league, and losing a close match in the title game in two leagues (I traded Steve McNair for Tom Brady before Week 10, thinking the easier schedule made Brady a steal. Of course, we were all fooled on that one!).

Anyway, your site is clearly far and away the best source for fantasy
football information available on the internet. I should know, having spent several years looking! I can't wait to be armed with my 4for4 knowledge going into next year's drafts. I'll be unstoppable!

4for4 Subscriber George G

Hope you had a Happy New Year and a successful football season.  Here’s the post mortem on my 44 public leagues using PC Drafter and 4for4.  I made the playoffs in 36 of the 44 leagues.  I was in the championship game in 20 of those.  I won 16 championships.  I was the #1 seed of 15 of the 44 leagues.

  • 20 of 36 playoff teams were in a championship game
  • Yahoo 7 of 8 (won 4)
  • NFL 1 of 6 (won)
  • FoxSports 4 of 10 (won 3)
  • ESPN 8 of 20 (won 8)
  • 16 championships

As I stated in September, I'm just getting back into fantasy football after a long hiatus and simply used PC Drafter to take the best player.

Like many I was plagued by injuries.  I had McFadden, Andre Johnson or Forte or a combination of more than one of them in 41 of the 44 leagues.  One championship in particular I had Andre Johnson and Forte but was still able to win it all with a strong drafted bench and the waiver wire.

4for4 Subscriber Rob

I love the info prior to the season. The frequent updates give me an edge when I go to drafting!

4for4 Subscriber David

Love the rigorous statistical approach you take at 4for4. The variance between 4for4 predictions and ADP are fantastic for finding value. Same with the ability to input league rules and resort picks. 

4for4 Subscriber Steve D

This season, I am competing in three leagues (a 12 team, 14 team, 16 team): two were serpentine drafts, the other was an auction. For two of these leagues, I used 4for4 for rankings, drafting, cheatsheets, etc. (By the way, I loved how I could customize my settings to change the draft rankings.) For the other, I used the standard ESPN rankings. Here are the results:

  • 12 team league (4for4 used) - 1st in total points
  • 14 team league (ESPN) - 12th in total points
  • 16 team league (4for4 used) - 2nd in total points

Thanks again for all the help. Many tough choices. You helped me choose the right path.

4for4 Subscriber @suttnut

Julio got me 25 and I won the championship. Thank you 4for4 for the great advice

4for4 Subscriber @AntFrat

Just wanted to say thanks for your help this year. I have been using your service for 4 years now and this year is the second year I've won the championship of my league. Your advice - particlularly at draft time about getting the most from your picks - really has paid off for me!

Keep up the excellent work!

4for4 Subscriber Clay

I wanted to say great job on everything you do! this site has become my only trusted source for info.

4for4 Subscriber Craig

Thank you 4for4!

I just wanted to drop a line and let you know that I won both of my league Superbowls this year. This is my 4th year with 4for4, and I have had nothing but success since I started using your site. I have always found your site to have an abundant amount of information, which has helped me make the right decisions throughout the season. Undoubtedly, this is the best site I have used. Thanks for helping me to win not just another Superbowl, but two this season!

4for4 Subscriber Kathryn

PC Drafter is the BOMB! I used it last year. Easy to use and love the way it adjusts to the draft!

4for4 Subscriber Brad

Just wanted to say the weekly Trade For and Away article you give us is by far THE BEST available anywhere. It really is helpful. Thanks!

4for4 Subscriber Scott

Thanks for your help! You gave me an optimal RB corp and flex. Won me my league.

4for4 Subscriber @mj_baroz

Thanks for the quick response! 4for4 has provided nothing less than phenomenal customer service.  You have a repeat customer here!

4for4 Subscriber Lavel

Just a quick note of sincere thanks for another good season [ my most successful in 6 years of FF... and six years as a 4for4 subscriber ].

Your extensive preseason draft rankings, articles and reference material were absolutely invaluable and totally responsible for my great draft - your insightful and thorough weekly materials were consistently helpful throughout the season - of which I relied on heavily as well.

Bottom line: keep up the great work!!!

4for4 Subscriber Peter

I am in a yahoo league. I am using Hot Spots. I am a female 78 years old. I have been first most of the season. Sometimes I feel like I am cheating. It is an eight person league with seven men and me. Two of the players have quit. My feedback is, it works. Maybe I should congratulate myself for being so smart by picking up something that seemed so smart. But sometimes I feel like I might be cheating? Thanks for letting me say this. I would like to hear your answer so in case someone asks me I have an answer.

4for4 Subscriber Pat

Thanks Gentleman! Would never had nailed Hillis without this site as I got him a week before anyone in the league had him on his radar.

4for4 Subscriber [name withheld]

Woke up this morning a Fantasy Football Champion. Gotta give props to for the help. Will be back!

4for4 Subscriber @Jeremy_Noel

Wanted to tell you what a great site you have created.  The site is great and very user friendly once you figure out where all the treasure is hidden.  A lot of data but the great part is if a person is lazy all they have to do is use the Full Impact tools for that week's scores.  Of course, you better put in your scoring system correctly.

The use of the scouts is fantastic as well because you can bounce ideas off of them.  Sometimes it’s nice for guidance when a person is a bit insecure on their player choice.

It’s very easy for me to pay money for your site.  It really is above all the other sites.

4for4 Subscriber Bruce

And again, I am #1 in 2 out of 3 of my leagues.  (3rd one had Ryan Grant and a so-so draft). Keep it rocking Thanks again.

4for4 Subscriber Alex

This year I was a total novice to Fantasy Football and with the information provided on your website I was able to finish 2nd in the first half of the season and am currently leading in the playoffs.

The infomation is quite on target and complete. I have mixed feelings about recommending your site because the other fantasy players who I am competing against will then get the edge I currently have.

4for4 Subscriber Vernon

I subscribed to your service for the first time this year. The point scores for my league are different than most and your service provided the extra information that I needed to have a great draft and win my league. I just hope that other guys in my league do not find out about you!

4for4 Subscriber Jim

I've been playing fantasy football since 1986, and I've seen it come a long way. It's hard to gain a competitve edge, so I've used your site the last two years and I've won the championship the last two years!! You guys have alot of useful info that you can't get on other sites.

4for4 Subscriber Mike N

I have been a customer of yours for years and I must say that the only thing that impresses me more than your brilliant website and coupling with PCDrafter is your customer service. I could write for hours how I have reigned supreme over all of the fantasy leagues I am a part of due to your statistical analysis, PCDrafter's crafty interface and your website's ability to mesh all of this together in a user friendly manner; but what keeps me coming back in an economy that makes us question every dollar we spend is your exceptional customer service. You are a rare commodity. Keep up the great work and I look forward to spending the years to come with you and your website.

4for4 Subscriber Donnie

Hey guys thanks for all the help over the last five years or so y'all have been great, getting me four championships! Unfortunatly over the years I have leaked out information about your services and know most everyone I play against uses 4for4.
 But none of them knows about Twitter or facebook updates so that is awsome.

4for4 Subscriber Rick

Win, lose or draw I am a satisfied subscriber!  I’m amazed that I’m still in it at this point in the season when I am now down to only 3 of the 17 players I drafted in August (only 1 cut, the rest injured).  

4for4 Subscriber Curt

Thanks again for everything you guys do.  You are truly the best ff site!

4for4 Subscriber Gabe

Thank you, thank you and thank you once again. Your web site has proven to be the best site overall. In 5 years that I have used your website, wait 4, decided to try another site and I paid dearly for it by not making the playoffs. Anyway, thanks to your web site I have held the trophy in our league 2 out of 3 years. People ask me how I do it. How do I know who to trade for? How do I draft so well?

4for4 Subscriber Erik

I am a first year subscriber to your site. I have been playing fantasy football for over 10 years and have never found information as good as your site provides anywhere EVER!

It all started with the draft - PC Drafter was amazing! We are in year 2 of a Dynasty Auction League. PC Drafter helped me have the strongest auction/draft by far - I passed on over priced players, picked up values and had plenty of cash for studs.

Every week the 4for4 team provided great analysis and allowed me to make solid roster decisions, free agent pick-ups and evaluate trades. I found the "Hot-Spots" and the Full Impact cheat sheets especially helpful.

Let me give an example from this week. Due to injury I desperately needed a starting RB and a WR. All the "good ones" were gone and without some help I would be a clear dog in the "head to head" playoff game. Money was on the line and I needed solid help. After reading several of your articles earlier this year, I took away that I needed to take a risk and go for an explosive player or two to boost my possible EV. After reviewing the Full Impact cheat Sheets, Hot-Spot Sheets and the Fantasy News - I picked up Aaron Stecker, RB, NO and Anthony Gonzalez, WR, IND. Both had huge weeks!

What was really important here is that all that analysis was at the tips of my fingers and took minutes to evaluate - not hours. With all my other commitments - I never would have done all that work myself!

I'm now heading into the Championship Game (Week 16) and have a clear shot to win. All the other owners in my league think I'm the luckiest owner ever (how well my team turned out, with the free agent moves I've made, the trades I made/declined, etc., etc., etc.) They're right! I'm "lucky" I found as my "assistant coach".

Thanks for putting together such an awesome service! You really helped me run circles around my league.

4for4 Subscriber Chris

My favorite part of your service is how much useful news you churn out and how you always seem to have everything posted hours or even days before the other sites. Keep up the great work!!!

4for4 Subscriber Eric

Could be a coincidence, but my first year with your website resulted in 2 championships in both my "big" leagues. I'm in for next year for sure!

4for4 Subscriber Mike

I look forward to all the great info you guys provide. I have managed to place in the money every year I used your service. Thanks!

4for4 Subscriber James

I came into the season with zero first place finishes, zero second place finishes, and zero third place finishes in ANY fantasy sports league ever. Zero. (I've been fooling around with fantasy sports as early as 2007.) This year though, I managed to pull the trophy home. it was a $100 auction 2QB league. Your valuations were spot on for the draft. So spot on that I managed to still win the league - had the most points, best record, and won the playoffs - after I had dropped Cam Newton absentmindedly before the season even began!

Your correspondence on Twitter was also tremendously helpful in the first half of the season, before I had laid the firm ground work that kept my season planted. The layout of the site got me excited for articles and information to appear every week. I couldn't have asked for a better deal.

Yeah, I'm sure you guys get plenty of emails like this so I'll let you be. But all I wanted to say was thank you. Can't wait to buy your tremendous service next year as well. 4for4 is the only fantasy tool I need.

4for4 Subscriber Dan

When can I sign up for my Lifetime Membership?

I just grabbed my 2nd consecutive title! It happens to be my 4th in my 8 years of playing (6 Championship game appearances). I am starting to feel bad for the other guys in my league. They all work so hard to keep up with me. They all think I do an enormous amount of research and all I ever do is log on to 4for4. Now, maybe the fact that I typically will buy 3-4 preseason magazines and leave them lying around at my place during the draft party (with all kinds of bogus things highlighted and underlined), may have something to do with my perceived persona. But all the latest and greatest information is always right here. WAC even correctly predicted my two losses this year.

If you guys keep getting it this close, I may not even have to watch the games anymore. Now where's the fun in that?

Oh yeah, it's in hoisting the trophy and gloating all year AGAIN!!

Thanks again - a member forever

4for4 Subscriber Stephanie

Your service is top notch. In addition to timely updates on all breaking news, I love the PC Drafter to fine tune different draft strategies. It is invaluable!!! The custom cheat sheets that use my different league's rules totally rocks!!! Keep up the great work guys and gals!!!! I have been a member for 5 years and you all have been a great help!!

4for4 Subscriber Steve

Just wanted to say that all the upgrades you promised are great. Between WAC, Draft Simulator, Customized Cheat Sheets, Increased Scouting, all the news that's relevant plus insightful articles about fantasy football I've never thought about....all I can say is DAMN!!! Nice Work!

4for4 Subscriber Ryan

I want to thank 4for4 for all the information it has provided to me. I have been in two leagues, the first league I have won two times, the other league I took 2nd this year and tied for the high point total last year.

4for4 Subscriber Charles

Your site is really amazing - I am glad to be a subscriber!!!! Keep up the absolutely phenomenal work!!!

4for4 Subscriber Gary

Just a little note on how pleased I am with your service. The best in the business as far as I'm concerned. All the up to the minute info along with the other tools you have on the site have made me a constant winner, this year being the best. I had seven teams this year and made the playoffs with six of them and league championship in two, with second place finishes in two others and third place in the other two. Thanks again for such a great product. Have already renewed for the coming season.

4for4 Subscriber John

I wanted to write a quick note to thank the 4for4 team.  I switched to your site from another one this year and the impact was substantial. 

I have always been an average to good fantasy football player and have finished as high as second but in recent years have been finishing in the middle to high middle of the pack.  This year things changed, BIG TIME! 

I am in two leagues, one that I am the commish of and another that a friend runs.  Both leagues are equally competitive yet have completely different scoring systems and amounts of managers.  I would say that the pre-draft information and the draft simulator were more than worth the subscription fee, but the information throughout the season was of equal help and value. 

Now to the numbers.... In my league this year I won the league championship and was the highest scoring team in the league by over 100 points.  In the other league I was in a tie for 1st place all season and unfortunately lost in the semi finals, but once again was the leading scorer which is of equal prize as winning the league championship.  I remember during the draft a couple guys were talking smack about my picks of DeAngelo Williams, Roddy White, and Chris Johnson... Well can you guess who was laughing his way to a league championship when DeAngelo went off last night against the Giants? That's right, I was!

Thanks again for all the useful information this year, I can honestly say I will use 4for4 till I retire from the fantasy game, which is probably never!

4for4 Subscriber Casey

I have been with 4for4 since 2006. Last year I set the all time scoring record for my league and brought home the hardware!!! My league has been around since 1992. Setting the all time scoring record won me a free dinner to one of the top 5 Steakhouses in America!!! That's why I will be with you for life!!!

4for4 Subscriber Jimi

This is only my 4th year playing fantasy football and thanks to you guys I look like a pro! I used your Full Impact tools last year for my draft, player analysis and weekly lineup and WON my league!  I stepped it up this year and used PC Drafter this year and won my first game last week.

I hope no one in my league sees this message, because I definitely have the advantage with 4for4!  I look forward to another victory this year!  Thanks Coach.

4for4 Subscriber [name withheld]

I was able to snag both Sidney Rice and Mike Sims-Walker off the wires in ALL FOUR of my leagues last year, because they weren't even on anyone else's radars yet.

4for4 Subscriber [name withheld]

I just wanted to share with you my team's winning streak. It's currently at 17, which includes 9 from last year's title run. It's the longest on record in our league's 25 year history! 

Have you heard of any streaks this long? Maybe put a poll out there on your site?

Your site is very important to my weekly preparation routine and has helped me a great deal.

4for4 Subscriber Jim P

Just had to tell you we did it again! This year 4 fantasy leagues, 1 championship, 2 runner-up one 4th. You were a HUGE part in this.

4for4 Subscriber [name withheld]

My first year with 4for4 and look what I won. The trophy named after me cuz I could never win it. Thanks!

4for4 Subscriber @GetAGoodPitch

I’ll definitely be back next year, for my 11th season with 4for4.  I have subscribed to 8 other services sometimes 2 or 3 at a time, and found you to be the most accurate and consistent.

4for4 Subscriber Curt

Subject: WCOFF Champ

I know you have been getting a ton of emails thanking you all because users of your service won their championship, this is another one. Thank you very much, it was a great help. But, I thought that you would like to know that the championship my co-owners and I won was no ordinary championship. We won the World Championship of Fantasy Football, 200 Large and get to collect it at the Pro Bowl. Your service came in very handy.

4for4 Subscriber Patrick Ritchie, WCOFF Champion

I'm an Eagles fan! I have no football sense! Without PC Drafter I would continue to make poor life choices. PC Drafter allows my football team to win the big game! PC Drafter doesn't choke when the pressure is on!

4for4 Subscriber Ryan

I just wanted to say that this is my second season as a member, and how extremely pleased I was with last years results. You were pretty much right on with predictions, projections and overall insight for the entire season. I have been playing fantasy football for approximately 10 years, and although I've always done alright, I was at my best last year thanks to your programs. I finished first overall (superbowl), first in total points for season, best record, etc., etc. Again, thank you to everyone on the staff.

4for4 Subscriber Tony

I have been playing in fantasy football leagues for years now and for the past 3 years I was using ***********.com. Year after year I would go in with high hopes only to end up losing.

This year I decided to question ***********.com and try your professional web site. The results were obvious from day one. I still kept my ***********.com subscription and every week I would compare their weekly rankings to yours. Week after week, you proved to be much more accurate.

Finally, after years of trying, I WON the league. And it was a blowout! I will definitely keep subscribing to your site and I love the fact that it is not widely advertised. I want to keep that information just for myself.

I am looking forward to competing again next year with you guys by my side.

Thanks Again!

You guys are, without a doubt, the best in the business.

4for4 Subscriber Kays

I have been a subscriber for the past several years and have placed in the money every year since becoming a member, so I want to thank you for all the information you provide.

4for4 Subscriber Ronnie

My favorite features are the cheat sheets and the e-mailed updates. I owe a lot of my success over the years to you guys. Thanks for all the great work!

4for4 Subscriber Dave

PC Drafter all the way! Between that and your positional rankings and the Defense Hotspots I won 3 of my four leagues last year!!!

4for4 Subscriber James

Thanks for allowing this busy executive to have success at a diversion that has become a passion as intense as any in existence. Happy New Year to the Gang, and Keep up the Fantastic Work.

4for4 Subscriber [name withheld]

I won our Super Bowl going away! I went up big with Stafford, Rice, Megatron, and the Patriots "D" leading the way. Thank you scouts for all of your insight all year long. As always, it was invaluable as well as all the insights this site provides.

4for4 Subscriber sundevilinok

Thanks to you I made the playoffs in my new yahoo league and in my cbssportline league I won 3rd overall in points and just missed 1st by 40 points. This was the best fantasy football year ever. The customized cheat sheets and projected look ahead were the best tools!

The team information and individual player info even helped me in my weekly pick'em pool which I was second in overall and won 3 individual weeks. Just a great site!

Thanks so much.

4for4 Subscriber Jason

Thanks for the help and your insights. 4for4 is awesome.

4for4 Subscriber Jim

Two years using 4for4 and back-to-back championships. Thank you! 

4for4 Subscriber @MJP0ke

I just wanted to write and say Thank You for such a tremendous, informative site. I'm ecstatic with the information, the new features (especially the "Full Impact" section!!!!), and the overall content.

I really don't have any revelations or ideas for you, but when I find any service (not just online, but anywhere) that stands out so well and really provides incredible value, I have to write and express my gratitude.

Keep up the fantastic work, and thank you again for really putting your heart and mind into making such a terrific site!

4for4 Subscriber G.S.

I wanted to tell you guys how much you ROCKED in my rookie year of FF. I took the CHAMPIONSHIP in a well established league.

I didn't have a CLUE about drafting, trading, waivers, winning, ANYTHING. With your help, I DOMINATED the draft -- despite the snickers when I picked up Priest Holmes in the first round -- I knew what I had to do thanks to your articles and custom cheat sheets. The others had the supermarket magazines (LOSERS!) and I had fresh cheat sheets customized to our specific scoring system.

Throughout the season I was very active on the waiver wire, constantly trading up and taking advantage of every week's opportunities. I had a midseason slump that threatened making the playoffs at all but then GOT HOT toward the end of the season (just as you counseled) and was UNSTOPPABLE in the playoffs.

I just signed up for another year and can't wait for draft day!

4for4 Subscriber Kevin

Just wanted to let you know that your site helped me win my first fantasy football championship in 2001. I love the weekly projections and the week to week headlines.

4for4 Subscriber Steven W

You so far have been worth every penny. You got more info than I need to run my keeper team, and while yes, luck has been much on my side, your weekly cheat sheets for example have been 100% accurate in helping pick which player I'd best field for each week.

4for4 Subscriber Bill

Thank you for such an awesome site! After two failed attempts to use my judgment over your weekly rankings, I have learned my lesson and am following your recommendations to the letter. Your site is the best, and I'm #1 in points in both of my leagues!

4for4 Subscriber Gary

Love the site, I switched this year to you and used your projections for the draft and the weekly projections, so far 3 and 0, very cool, thanks! I am an engineer or math nerd which ever you prefer and have always broken down the numbers myself to help me make decisions through out the year. That was in the past, I no longer have to since I found you guys.

4for4 Subscriber Steve

These accomplishments have come to fruition because 4for4 was there with the clearest and most targeted data when I needed it most. I have just visited the site and gathered all the results of your research to gear up the machine for the post season playoffs. Please let me know how soon I can renew my subscription for next season. I do not want to miss one morsel of information that keeps me head and shoulders above my competition. Sometimes I feel so sorry for them!

I just want to thank everyone for such detailed information. This is the first time I have ever subscribed to any Fantasy Football site and I can tell you I will be back again for the years to come. I also want to say that I hope everyone at 4for4 and their families are OK after that terrible storm that you endured last week. Have a great Holiday season and keep the info coming, I am in the semifinals in both my leagues!!!

4for4 Subscriber Jeff

I just wanted to tell you how great your web site is. I live for fantasy football and this year I decided to find a web site that would help me make the playoffs. Week after week I followed your insider information and cheat sheets, and now I am going to the playoffs again. If it wasn't for 4for4 I don't think I could have made the moves that I did. The pickup of Chad Johnson made all the difference in the world.

4for4 Subscriber Chuck S

Your system has proven to pay high-dividends, so far. I'm excited. I had a partner in my big-money league (TD-only) for 6 years. I notified him last February that we were split. Six years, 2 playoff appearances, NO PLAYOFF CASH!!! This season, I'm 6-2 (head-to-head) and have essentially set a points-per-game record thus far! This in a league that's been around for 13 years! I'm more than doubling the guy in second in total points. It's like Babe Ruth! The Dream! So, I'm writing to congratulate you guys on having won my business for a real, long time.

4for4 Subscriber Sean B

I would just like to thank for helping me win my fantasy league and the $300.00 first place prize. I would always access your stats and make waiver wire & trades accordingly (including a late season trade which won the league - I sent Gannon & Ward for Brees & Tomlinson, and then waived Brees for Kitna and eventually Hasselbeck). Couldn't have been done without you guys. Used you last year and this year, and will continue to use your site in the future. Because your so good, I may not inform my friends (in the same league) about your site. Sorry ;).

A subscriber forever,

4for4 Subscriber Brian S

I just wanted to get this to you to thank you and your team of tireless reporters for helping me throughout the 2002 season! I discovered 4for4 last season and decided that it was too good a source of fantasy football information that I chose to became a subscriber this season. Simply put, that is a move I have not regretted whatsoever! Considering that I have been playing fantasy football going on 6 years now, and in all that time leading up to this season, have made the finals maybe three times total without ever winning, my results this year were downright impressive! In short, I have you and your team to thank for making me a better-informed fantasy football GM. The information you provide is accurate, timely and crucial, especially when deciding to start certain players on any given weekend. Thanks again for everything and happy holidays! I look forward to seeing you and your crew again next season!

4for4 Subscriber James G

Just wanted to tell you that you guys do a great job. Your player projections are the most accurate I have seen and they have helped me get to and advance in the playoffs in my league. Your statistical approach to rankings/projections seems to be more conservative than most, but it really seems to be a better predictor of a player's performance for the coming week--especially in terms of rankings against other players--than any other I have seen. And, for the record, I have been doing this fantasy football thing for a long time--since a time when the term "fantasy football" to a layman conjured up visions of big men in a steamy lockeroom.... well, you get the idea. 

Anyway, keep up the good work. I thank you for your efforts and hope that you are as right on in the next two weeks as you have been during the past 15.

4for4 Subscriber Dan

I wanted to drop you a note complimenting you on your recent risk/reward analysis. I conduct a fair bit of empirical research in my line of work, and really appreciate your statistical approach to fantasy issues (your article nicely summarized the tradeoffs between higher expected value and increased variance depending on your underdog status)

4for4 Subscriber Mark F