Fantasy Football Tools

In addition to our fantasy football Cheat Sheets, Rankings & Projections, we provide a number of Draft Season and In-Season decision support tools to our subscribers:

Draft Analyzer (Draft Season)
Subscribers get free access to Draft Analyzer draft software, a $30 value.

MFL10 ADP Draft Planner  (Draft Season)
The ADP Draft Planner scours actual draft data from MyFantasyLeague to provide real-world availability for players at virtually any point in the draft.

Top-200 Tool  (Draft Season)
Customize our Top-200 Value Based Rankings (VBR) for your starting lineup and core team needs.

Keeper Rankings Tool  (Draft Season)
Customize our generalized Keeper Rankings for your starting lineup and core team needs.

Draft Day Bargains Tool: 4for4 vs. ADP  (Draft Season)
The Draft Day Bargains tool highlights the top draft day bargains for your starting lineup and core team needs.

Draft Day Do's & Don'ts Tool  (Draft Season)
The Draft Day Do's & Don'ts Tool integrates projected stats, ADP values and competitive analysis into a unique and powerful Cheat Sheet companion. Delivered in an easy to read round-by-round format, this tool displays bargains and keeps you from overspending.

Auction Values Tool  (Draft Season)
Customize our Auction Values for your starting lineup and core team needs.

Daily Fantasy Value Reports (Weekly In-season)
Our site specific Daily Fantasy Value Reports are designed to help you quickly identify good player values to maximize winning and profitability in Daily Fantasy Football (weekly contests run at sites like FanDuel, DraftDay, DraftKings, DraftStreet etc.).

Player Snap App
Browse player participation (snap) data from each week of the NFL season.

Stats Browser
Browse player stat totals, averages and by week. Filter by week range, specific weeks, team and position.

Full Impact: Custom Scoring Cheat Sheets  (Draft Season)
Full Impact takes our Cheat Sheets to the next level by allowing you to combine our projections with your scoring rules. It's all about custom decision support for your needs. 

Full Impact: Custom Value Based Top-200 Rankings  (Draft Season)
Full Impact allows you to combine your scoring rules with our Value Based Rankings to create a fully customized Top-200 list.

Full Impact: Custom Scoring Auction League Cheat Sheets  (Draft Season)
Full Impact combines your scoring rules with our projections and to give you a fully customizable Auction Cheat Sheet.

Full Impact: Top-200 Keeper Rankings (Draft Season)
Full Impact combines your scoring rules with our Keeper Rankings and allows you to specify how important winning now is, versus looking towards the future.

Full Impact: Team Evaluator (Draft Season)
Fill in your starting lineup and another team's lineup in your league. The Team Evaluator will show you projected points by player and team for your scoring system.

Full Impact: Trade Evaluator  (Draft Season)
Fill in your starting lineup before and after a proposed trade to see if you get stronger or weaker. The Trade Evaluator does all the number crunching for you and the results fit your scoring system and your situation. 

Full Impact: Draft Simulator (Draft Season)
The Draft Simulator provides a custom mock draft simulation. You'll see how you did and you'll see how the computer teams made out as well. In addition, the Draft Simulator will analyze your roster in terms of Injury Risk, Playmaking Ability and more. Practice makes perfect. 

Full Impact: Weekly Assistant Coach (WAC) (In-Season)
WAC provides custom sit/start advice for your scoring system, along with some ideas and hints on how you can increase your odds of victory that week.