Auction Value Cheatsheets

Don't show up to your auction with a one-size-fits-all auction cheatsheet. As with our Value Based Rankings, a player's value depends on your league's scoring system and starting lineup requirements.

We've developed a dynamic auction value formula that can be customized to your needs. Just tell us how many QBs, RBs, WRs and TEs you have to start, how many teams that are in your league and your scoring system (Standard or PPR) and we can tell you what we think each player is worth based on our preseason projections.
You can also customize the prices further if you value a certain position more than others. For example, if you want to build your team about the RB position but only have to start two RBs, you can enter 2.5 (or more) in the RB field and a larger proportion of your bankroll will be assigned to the RB position.
If your league uses a flex, divvy up the extra starting spot between the eligible positions. For example, if your league has a RB/WR flex position, you may want to enter 2.5/2.5 or 2.7/2.3 (if you favor the RB position) to account for the flex.