The Training Room: Week 6 Injury Updates

The Training Room: Week 6 Injury Updates

By Russell Manalastas (Injury Expert), last update Oct 8, 2013

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This past week showed some surprising returns of players projected to miss a few weeks, which is always a welcomed sight for fantasy owners. There weren't too many injuries this past week which is encouraging (recent Julio bombshell aside), but I'm not sure I've ever seen a week in the NFL where there aren't any injuries to discuss. The training room isn't too crowded, but there are still some names worth taking a look at to see if their injury could land them on the sideline for an extended period. 


Michael Vick 

Strained Hamstring - The hamstring muscle is the primary muscle in the back of the thigh responsible for bending the knee and extending the hip. When it relates to sports, it's a very important muscle in aiding to accelerate/decelerate the lower body to allow proper running and cutting.

Vick pulled up and grabbed for the upper portion of his hamstring as he ran out of bounds in the 2nd quarter against the Giants. He did not return to the game. 

Bottom Line - Unfortunately for Vick owners, it was only a matter of time until he landed in this column. Vick is unlikely to play Week 6, and there's a possibility that he could miss Week 7 as well. Based on early timetables that would put Vick's hamstring as a grade 1 strain, which typically takes 2-3 weeks to heal. Vick has had difficulty recovering from injuries in the past so I wouldn't be surprised if he did sit the next two weeks out, but keep an eye on his rehab later this week to see if he's made any progress at all. Hamstring injuries to the upper portion of the muscle or tendon can be more difficult to treat because there are other tissues involved that could complicated the healing process.  


Blaine Gabbert

Strained Hamstring - see Michael Vick

Gabbert left the game in the 3rd quarter against the Rams and did not return.  He later states that he heard a "pop" in the back of his thigh which was why he did not return.

Bottom Line - Gabbert has been a frequent flyer to the training room, and we're only heading into Week 6. Whenever a player hears a pop in the back of his thigh, the severity of the strain is more of the grade 3 or 4 variety, which is usually accompanied by immediate swelling and bruising.  Based on the severity of the reports, Gabbert will likely be sidelined for at least 4-6 weeks, with a good chance he doesn't start again for the Jaguars this year. Chad Henne will fill in, which could be a slight upgrade to the Jaguars offense.


David Wilson

Strained Neck - Muscle spasms can occur in the neck when the neck is forced in a certain direction past it's normal range of motion. Strains to the muscle can also happen with direct trauma to the tissue. 

Wilson left the game against the Eagles in the 2nd quarter after he was almost tackled in the end zone for a safety. He stated that he left the game as precaution, but reports are he is currently dealing with tingling in his neck. 

Bottom Line - With the Giants set to play Thursday night against the Bears, time is not on Wilson's side to potentially play this week. Whenever a player reports any complaint of neck pain associated with tingling or numbness, there are a number of things that they could be dealing with. Inflammation around a nerve coming from the neck could be the cause of the tingling, so make sure you pay careful attention to any updates that come out on Wilson. I would say the Giants hold him out this week to give him a full two weeks to get this under control. Brandon Jacobs and DaRel Scott are desperation plays at best in the meantime.


Ryan Mathews

Concussion - Concussions are an insult to the brain from direct trauma. The brain suffers microtrauma and scarring with a variety of symptoms presenting, depending on where the trauma is located.

Mathews was forced out of the game early in the 2nd quarter as he took a knee to the helmet. There have been no updates to his condition as of today. 

Bottom Line - Mathews has had a pretty disappointing season so far as he's been losing touches to both Ronnie Brown and Danny Woodhead. Look to see if Mathews can get through the concussion protocol prior to playing the Colts this Sunday. Even if he does play this Sunday, it's looking more and more likely that the Chargers just don't trust his ability to carry the load. 


Leon Washington 

Ankle Sprain - An inversion sprain is often referred to as "rolling" your ankle. The ligaments/tendons/muscles on the outside of the ankle get overstretched and cause pain. 

Washington was unable to return to the game after he suffered an ankle injury in the 1st quarter against the Bengals

Bottom Line - The Patriots backfield keeps getting more confusing by the week, as coach Belicheck is literally riding whoever is hot. There haven't been any more updates on Washington's ankle so it's tough to say if it's a normal ankle sprain or if it's a high ankle sprain.  Check back later this week as the Patriots will divulge some information that could clarify his timetable. 



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