Advertising Rates & Requirements

Thank you for your interest in advertising on our 4for4 Fantasy Football News Page and the 4for4 Main Page.

Our News page is updated year round and is the most frequently visited part of the site.


We do not accept
1) Fantasy Football Information Site Ads
2) Gambling Site Ads
3) Adult-only Ads
4) Extreme Animation Ads
5) Spyware

AD Zones
We offer three highly visible zones for your ad.
Your ad will appear 100% of the time -- no rotations.

In below tables, cells colored green are prime advertising time

Weekly Rates (Mon thru Sun)

Jan -
June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Tower 120x600 125 150 200 250 200 175 150 150
Cube 125x125 75 100 125 150 125 115 100 100

Tower or Cube banner ad located on the Fantasy Football News Page. Banners can be placed on the home page for a negotiated premium.

Zone 2 Weekly Rates - Top News Text Ad

Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan
Per Week
(Mon thru Sun)
250 300 400 350 250 250 250 250

Full text ad at top of Fantasy Football News Page. Exclusive placement & prime exposure for duration of ad.

Text Link In-Article Placement: can be arranged for a one time fee of $100 per link.

For further inquiries, please contact